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  1. Reaction time my fuckin arse!

  2. fail the porsche cayenne is the winner

  3. There’s nothing in it between them. Milliseconds. In everyday driving they are just as fast as each other. You buy what one you personally like best. Being British I stay British with the Range Rover myself.

  4. 랜드로버 랜드로바로 만드는 영상인가

  5. Fuck the range I love the Porsche

  6. Cambiar de piloto en el range please

  7. what the bullshit?))))) Fuck it.

  8. ?!?!??
    Less power
    Less aerodynamique
    Maybe the RR has more torque and a better engine or better gearbox

  9. range rover Cool
    car and UGLY cayenne benz

  10. MY BUGATI VEIRON RACING 😜😜😜😜😜😜😁😁😁😅😅😅

  11. Quello che guida la range rover e ritardato,parte dopo.

  12. My 2015 Escalade will beat both!

  13. porsche wygrało a nie rangerover

  14. thats not fair the RR didnt win the both races

  15. на рэнже накуреный чтоли ?????? че он на старте спит вечно

  16. Some wrong with the chart board , right? I was confusing it. Really?if u can run faster than… Suppose take longer time.

  17. рейндж элегантно стартует, оттуда и берется его проигрыш

  18. У водителя рэнджа чуть похуже реакция

  19. 0:46 the range rover won look at the score sheet

  20. With RR being such a shitty car, I’m surprised it made it all the way to the end. Well done.

  21. thats the old range rover and the new porche you need to do it from the same year of cars

  22. 666 DisLikes Xd

  23. so u put a brand new porche agenst and old range rover the range rover is so much better offroad too

  24. Bombanın bombası

  25. الو

  26. While reading comments i’ve kinda raged like: How retarded it is needed to be to not figure out why Rangerover won! ET fking ET…… ffs… watch the info board! Everything is written there. they have telemetry… like fk, and then i exhaled and said to myself… ppl with 2 digit IQ are interested in swift vehicles too, be water…. ))

  27. retards in comments; RT. Amazing result from RR, Porsche was reeled in, with 90 extra HP.

  28. who’s range rover Driver?
    stupid Driver Grand mom?
    porsche not suv company
    mercedes not suv company
    range rover luxury suv company

  29. el poder aleman

  30. xiyar

  31. Porsche and Mercedes will always be faster. But a range is a go anywhere, do anything kind of vehicle. The range is best.

  32. How the fuck was Range Rover faster then the ML63? Merc is a clear winner

  33. eso es mentira

  34. +)/))))+)+&++

  35. u lie porsche and Mercedes win

  36. Да Кай чпокнул везде Лэнда! Кого причесать хотят???!!! Посмотрите финишь!!!

  37. Considering that the RRsport driver’s RT(Reaction Time was about half of the Porsche), the extra 900lbs it weighs versus the Porsche and the fact the the Porsche is tuned with 90 more horsepower and still ended in the close finish but just because the Porsche crossed the finish first doesn’t mean its faster. You need to look at the ET(Elapsed Time) it took to finish the 1mile track! Oh yeah the RRsport had a passenger during the race. Now with the MB ML63 AMG…. the RRsport weighs almost 500lbs more and has 15 horsepowers less and still beats it in ET(Elapse Time). This should tell you that the RRsport has a beast of an engine! I should know because I own a 2012 RRsport supercharged.

  38. Донецкий мы за тебя!

  39. They use shitty drivers to test awesome cars. Go back to highschool, you don’t even know how to start on time.

  40. I didn’t think so

  41. In first part winner is PORSCHE CAYENNE…you make mistake

  42. порш на українських номерах)))

  43. ozun videomu ogurlamisan e

  44. Why do people not understand it is not a race, it is a timed run

  45. Torque

  46. I’d ask for a refund from Gemballa for that Cayenne!

  47. porche and mercedes win!!!!!

  48. And there goes the transmission of Rang rover while Germans are good for another 100k !


  50. JAVID year

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