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  1. Pas si pire les boys… mais à -25 dehors ca me tente pas de le faire… lol

  2. hell yeah he deserved that beer

  3. good job

  4. no wires too connect

  5. Nice work. I need to replace the cornering lights.

  6. You didn’t tighten the bracket tight enough. You should hear a pretty loud click. And you really should use the tool also in order to get enough torque on it.

  7. Thats the reason, why these headlights are getting stolen where i live.

  8. Thats the easiest headlight to remove. Theres only one hex shape key to turn and it releases the whole assembly

  9. Yes good job …The hex nut release can be difficult to release as was my issue and aligning the headlamp back on ,one must ensure that the light is positioned correctly onto the track before pushing it back in. Here in Canada everything is stiff when installing removing due to cold weather and surface corrosion / pitting. Mine came off and back on this easily after it was removed once prior and a little lube also was helpful. Take your time ….

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