Porsche Cayenne Turbo Oil Change

It’s hard to believe a year has gone by since I bought my 2005 Porsche Cayenne Turbo. I like to change the oil (synthetic) in my cars every one year or 7500 miles which ever is first. Since this oil only has about 5000 miles and it’s been 1 year, its time for me to do my first oil change with the car. In this video I will show you how to change the oil on a first generation Porsche (955) Cayenne Turbo.

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  1. Have you figured out how to reset your service oil engine indicator.

  2. Good video. The first time I changed the oil I ended up draining the front differential by mistake lol. It worked out good since I needed to do it anyway – though it’s a pain to fill it back up.

  3. thanks Dan very good Video, Just buy me a Cayenne turbo 2005 yesterday and searching around on youtube fore tipnow I now how to change Oil , thanks from  micke sweden

  4. Did you ever get the "service now" indicator after oil change?

  5. hello  Dan I just se your other video , Quick Tour, and i Heard that you change valve cover gaskets, sad that you dont make a video about it, but i also Heard aboute the water pipes under the intakt, Dan can i see if the change it or do i need to remove some parts to see it, thanks again for very good video, from micke Sweden.

  6. Dan, this is an excellent video – nicely detailed.  It shows that you care for your car and the efforts you put into the job.

  7. thanks Dan, oil changes are $350 around here. you are saving people at least $200 from dealership cost

  8. You think the Macan’s oil change is same?

  9. Why is it idling so low?

  10. Great videos, I have an 06 TTS with 80,000 miles, have not had any major problems with it. I’m not as handy on the stuff you have taken on but I have done oil changes, differential fluids, rear brakes pads & rotors, rear hatch struts e brake struts, head light bulbs and replaced wiring harness, was getting the dipped beam. Future work brake fluid flush, spark plugs, air filters. Whats you thoughts on the fuel filter and pump? Thanks for the videos and detailed explanation.

  11. same thing for the 4.8?

  12. Hi Dan, you forgot the second oil drain plug. It’s located litle more backwards and upwards to the drain plug you showed in your video. If you don’t drain the oil from this plug it will remain about 1 litre of old oil in your engine. I can send you a picture if you want… let me know. By the way… Cool DIY-channel 😉 greetz

  13. Hi Dan, have you happen to make a video of valve cover gaskets replacement? Im mechanically inclined but, just wondering if you had some do’s and dont’s. Nice vids man thanks

  14. Just wanted to point out that the 955 Cayenne V8 s or turbo has 2 engine oil drain plugs to fully drain the engine oil pan.

  15. I thought the turbo s has 2 sumps to drain oil

  16. This is an excellent video. Just want to weigh in with one correction. The right tool to open the drain plug is a T50 Torx Plus bit. The 8 mm hex bit that is commonly communicated on the internet will strip your aluminum drain plug very easily. Do not use it.
    Porsche likes to use these strange nuts and bolts to prevent you from working on your own car!

  17. Hello Dan,Do you have a video on how to replace the crankcase beather hoses. I have a 2004 Cayenne

  18. this was a big help. thanks for putting it together

  19. Has your Porsche Chyanne given you any problems yet? Do you like it? Is it worth the money? Is it expensive to maintain?

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