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  1. over 2 tones actually

  2. both air suspension?

  3. What a shameful way to end the video (even disregarding the inane "green" potshots you cast throughout the whole thing): "Does the world need 500HP SUV’s?" – *who cares if "the world" needs these SUVs*, thank God they are there for purchase if you are interested in such a category of vehicles. For weekend driving and such, why not. Get off your high-horse. We’re entering into another ice age anyway, put your ear to the ground. Stop listening to the politicians and hysterical non-scientists.

  4. Super!

  5. You are incorrect about the hill descent on the Porsche. There is no button, it does it automatically, you just keep your feet off the pedals.

  6. Nice video what’s the music in the video about 4:30?

  7. Brilliant video.

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