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In this video review we pitch the Porsche Cayenne Turbo against its highly-tuned alternative – but which will come out on top?

The normal Porsche Cayenne Turbo boasts a 4.8-litre V8, with 493bhp and 700Nm of torque. It can reach 0-62mph in just 4.7 seconds, too.

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On the other hand, the Cayenne Turbo S will cost you £20,460 more than the standard car. But for that, you’ll get an extra 49bhp and 50Nm of torque. Top speed also increases to 175mph.

The Cayenne Turbo S also gets extra features such as active torque vectoring, and a clever anti-roll system. All this does make the standard Cayenne Turbo feel somewhat lacking, especially around the track. You really can feel the extra power that comes with the Cayenne Turbo S, though. In the corners, the anti roll bar system helps to improve body control, while traction is also quite decent.

But even in the standard Porsche Cayenne Turbo, body control is quite good, especially considering it’s a big SUV. There’s a nice, natural feeling to the car and it’s quite a simple car to drive. The standard car finished a flying lap in 1 minute 14.1 seconds. The Cayenne Turbo S, meanwhile, managed to complete its flying lap in 1 minute 13.50 seconds.

Watch the video review and tell us in the comments below which you’d prefer.

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  1. You said it. The Turbo S is the best "day to day driving supercar" IMHO. It’s purpose is to be a GT car. For sporty touring. It just happens to out perform most "sports cars" at the same time. And being that most supercars spend 98% of their time if not 100% on the street…I think the Turbo S is maybe THE "everyday supercar" to own. The GT3 is a waste if we’re only driving it on the street (GT3 or GT3 RS)..or any Ferrari, Lambo…

    Italian supercars should all have a requirement…that owners must drive them 50% on a race track. 🙂 

  2. I still don’t know how to recognize the different from the (outside …)

  3. Duel entre les meilleures SUV du monde. Le Cayenne turbo S est le plus exclusif.

  4. 6/10 quicker, not 4/10.

  5. It’s 6/10 of a second faster not 4. But for that extra money you don’t just have more power and better suspension. You have a lot more equipment as standard 😉

    In France, the difference between the Turbo S and the Tubo+extra that come as standard on the S is only 3678€, around 3000 british pounds, it’s like 300 for a "normal" car, not that much 😉

  6. But do the people who buy a Cayenne Turbo really care about an extra £20K when they`re out buying a car? I think they look for the top top top of the line model and instead of specing up the Turbo,knowing there`s a "better" one (the S) they`ll just get that and go home……

  7. jeep grand cherokee SRT better 59 000 Euro

  8. the turbo can go with a 95 octane gas, turbo s only go with a 98 octane

  9. But come on 4 second is a lot

  10. f

  11. keep the £20K and buy a Cayenne Turbo and a Alpina B10 3.3

  12. 4/10 also known as 6/10 of a second

  13. X5 vs. X5 M

  14. Just get the turbo & slap a tune in it.

  15. For anyone has no clue how fast is cayenne turbo, I can tell you the brand new M4 2015 is 1:11 on the dry track and RS5 is 1:12 on the track.

  16. Is there a 911 comparison video

  17. I’d take the Turbo S. My dads friend has a Panamera Turbo S and just the uniqueness of being the only one with a Turbo S is worth the money he says.

  18. You are shit

  19. loool try with new 2016gulf r =280 HP 😀😀😀

  20. solid review. coming from a cayenne turbo myself; I cant think of a better daily driver! It is definitely plenty fast for everyday/ spirited driving! btw that red color looks menacing!

  21. you can see a huge difference in body roll, it’s worth just for the comfort and safety, but then again u don’t go that fast on normal roads

  22. It was 6 tenths, not 4.

  23. Woo! 20k for 0.6sec, good value for money.

  24. 6 tenths is a lot on a track that short. And am I the only one who noticed that the first corner was completely fucked in the Turbo S? Definitely lost a few tenths there. Not that the standard Turbo was driven well through that corner.

  25. Why do some people call them "šuv" insted of "suv" ?

  26. For me ML63 better

  27. Please do M5 vs M5 Competition Package please!!!

  28. Can the torque vectoring system be aplied in the normal cayenne S model? Or is it only a turbo option?

  29. life doesnt get any better than the turbo s

  30. It is 6 tenths faster, not 4…

  31. I will be happy with just the standard V6 cayenne. I understand buying a top spec cayman S or higher spec 911 but for a daily driver and being an SUV its a bit absurd paying so much money for performance that never will be used

  32. seems a bit like they didnt really wanted to say it, but the answer to the question (is it worth the extra money) is: NO IT ISNT WORTH IT AT ALL. DONT BUY IT. THE S VERSION IS FAR TOO EXPENSIVE.

  33. 6/10ths, y’all can’t do subtraction? It’s a friggin’ TRUCK, quit callin’ it a car (I know, that’s what PourShah say…screw ’em).

  34. Iocool

  35. Luimarco your here

  36. Porsche Cayenne Turbo is not limited to 155 mph! It’s top speed is 173 mph!

  37. since when is a cayenne turbo limited to 155??

  38. Russian oligarchs favorite car

  39. Performance isn’t my absolute biggest factor, when it comes to looks thats what matter more to me

  40. I have been waiting for a review like this to compare the speeds. I have a regular Turbo and I just couldn’t see myself handing over more money for the Turbo S. Thank you.

  41. x5m for the win?

  42. Is it worth it? No. Buying an Audi RS6 is a better upgrade. The Cayenne is awful.

  43. Now maths may not be everyone’s strong point, but the last time i checked 1:14:10 – 1:13:50 was 6 tenths of a second difference.

    Either way, whilst the S did look way better in the corners it’s a silly sum of money to be spending when really you should be in a Range Rover Sport anyway.

  44. I’ve seen go-kart tracks bigger then that track yet they put something as big and powerful as a cayenne turbo s on it? Car deserves a bigger track.

  45. 4 tenths of a second advantage (that’s barely the blink of an eye) on a ‘track’ for an extra £20k!!! Someone out there please let me know the entire world’s not gone mad and agree that that is RIDICULOUS!  Baring in mind these cars are never going to get any closer to a track than its car park what possible advantage could anyone really get from this ‘performance enhancement’ in the real world? For me the best ‘real world’ choice has to be the 4.2 v8 diesel version. 376 bhp, 5.7 secs 0-60 with decent fuel economy and you’ll still have enough change left over to buy a brand new VW Golf R or any other £30k car you might fancy!

  46. These SUV s are rather pointless no more space than a panamera but a lot heavier worse mpg an a lot less sporty an comfortable. So do urself a favour an get the panamera turbo and not look like a tool . Or better still a standard panamera v6 an a cayman s for the weekends an odd track day

  47. No way is it worth it for 6/10ths

  48. The stats are outdated. These were the stats from the old cayennes.

  49. This is not a large SUV. I has the same legroom of a Corolla! Small SUV it is

  50. can you guys please do cayenne turbo s vs the x6m please

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