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  1. lol justin timberlake bein played in EU. nice 🙂

  2. its in the netherlands

  3. I have the same in 3.6 2007 but so slow and sometimes is very dangerous because it’s more slow that you think, Porsche should ban V6 on Cayenne

  4. Lazy crap.
    I don’t understand you people. Why buy an SUV if you don’ t use it offroad most of the time? Posers?
    This is such a waste of money and fresh air.

  5. @RoccoG60 Sad yet honest.

  6. what is the consume for a porsche cayenne 3.2 ?

  7. yeah some kind of…

  8. @ciorpiutzy
    If you have money why not ? 😀 Love SUV <3

  9. I have the turbo S too, had the S before and the turbo S is a monster. 550 hp your up in 200 sp fast you don’t even notice

  10. I would have much rather seen this done in the Turbo S model.

  11. very slow 🙁

  12. maybe a real jeep but u must know the porsche cayenne is a suv not a real jeep. in the country a jeep beat him but waht is with the street?
    which jeep drives 260km/h ?????

  13. fresh 3/2

  14. sweet car… nice song too… engine song 😉

  15. 250 HP?

  16. "cheapass edition"

  17. it’s underpowered.

  18. I love this car but it lacks power

  19. will smith. miami

  20. sa stii ca tocmai mi am luat un cayenne diesel si suna mult mai frumos si parca se duce si mai tare

  21. its the porsche bling for reasonable price, sounds good (VR) quite not like the brute sounding V8 but…,
    and its the why porsche had enough to buy VAG,

    I would rather take that instead of a overpimped NIGSUV of the same price with body on the floor, 36"s and whatever the bad taste gadgets they always put in these

  22. me too, but variety is the spice of life after all as they say and I must agree with that

  23. This is Netherland! Im from Slovenija but i drowe on this road from markelo NL to Owerlune NL. One thing i hate on tiptronic or auto gear transmision. When you want to owertake you put the foth down. And car just puts it to the second gear and blast of. Some times i dont want to owertake like a maniack. Hmmm then you must be soft on the pedal but it takes too long…. I prefer manual version i have one on the look out.  

    Porsche Cayenne 3.2 V6 manual 251HP 8.8K € 250k km. 2 owner must check this car out. I,m bored on may C70 2.3T5 for now. It,s to hard for busted roads we have in may country.

  24. damn what a lovely sound…i love porsche

  25. 8 sec 0-100 nice, for a BIG car.

  26. the new cayenne (2011) 3.6 v6 reaches 230km/h (i think eletronic limited)

  27. @joeterry162 for the money i paid for it , it isn’t and trust me or not , my outlander is faster than this !

  28. that`s slow :-j
    my outlander is faster

  29. "cheapass edition" 0 naar 100 in 20 seconden.. (voor je gevoel)

  30. Tthe engine sounds amazing and it is NOT slow.

  31. Wat een auto he…kwijl kwijl

  32. There is not one good american car , except for the FORD GT ( which is infact german )
    you americans can make incredebel planes , rockets , etc
    but you can’t make any good cars , sorry

  33. Sounds like this person hasn’t got a clue, yes an SUV is a big car, that’s why it’s an SUV and people slag it off are usually the ones who can’t afford one. Why do you think they hold their value better that the BMW X5 and Audi Q7, derrrr !

  34. Wat is de top snelheid van deze Porsche Cayenne 3.2 V6 ? (Top speed ?)

  35. where did u capture this video … it’s in Europe somewhere … ?

  36. Nice Motor, The V6 is quick for a 4×4, the 4.5 V8 is really quick, the turbo is just insane for a 4×4 to go that fast !!!
    V6 is slighty quicker than in this vid when using the tiptronic mode, more control over the gear selection.
    still nice vid though 🙂
    what colour is yours Rocco???
    ive got the basalt black with silver trim.
    best 4×4 ive owned 🙂

  37. @ciorpiutzy

    Status papi!

  38. s to the low

  39. nice!

  40. Accelerates slower than my diesel Jeep Grand Cherokee

  41. İs this a 3.2 or 3.6..?

  42. Wow man I am impressed. Actually I’m going to make identical movie with exactly the same car 🙂 It will be available in 36 hours 🙂 I also owe a new Porsche Cayenne V6 3.6 (like this one) and tomorrow it’s the time to make same movie, you’re like my inspiration! 🙂 There are some more movies to come onto my account so subscribe to be live with them coming 🙂 Now I have there brand New Audi S4 acceleration! Greetings! 🙂

  43. pas mal j’imagine :p

  44. the v6 is actually really loud compared to the turbo

  45. O porcarie mai mare decat soferul.

  46. Coincidentally, Justin Timberlake was driving a Porsche on the music vid of this song. Cool song, cool sound, cool car.

  47. what goes around. justin timberlake

  48. damn i miss that engine note

  49. good to see a porsche driven properly =D

  50. tell me is this car fast like lexus rx-350 ? or much more slower ?

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