Porsche Cayenne VDO LCD speedometer Instrument Cluster DIY Change

DIY How to Fix-Repair broken or burned pixels VOD LCD Display on NON-TURBO porsche caynne 03 – 11 (955 – 957).
The video starts after I have already disassemble the cluster, but if you follow it you’ll see the steps (which are very simple).
I found the part for $125 from this seller: http://stores.ebay.com/German-Audio-Tech/_i.html?_nkw=porsche+screen&submit=Search&_sid=26484832

The local Porsche repair shop was asking for $400 labor to put it and of course the Porsche didn’t repair it at all and they were asking for more than $2,5K for a new cluster. Notice: When you put a new cluster or a used one you have to go to DMV to inform about the change of miles. By changing the LCD only nothing changes.

So, basically the whole operation is very easy and less than 10 min. You need only a small 6 star screwdriver head and this it. The LCD clips/unclips exactly the same like the small HDD’s on notebooks. The only tricky part is to remove the metal protector as you’ll see when you have to press first from the left part to “free” the clip then go slowly to the next one and then ‘force’ it a bit and bend a bit to pull it. When you place it back in, just put it back and press with a small flat screwdriver to the correct place.

*PS: In order to remove the cluster there are many videos on youtube. It’s easy but it takes around 20 min to remove it and 10 to put it back in. In total the whole process is less than an hour.

**PS: Another thing that is suggested to do, when you have everything spare apart, clean very well the internal of your cluster glass. You’ll think that you’ve got a new one, it’s impressive.

I’m also not affiliated with the ebay seller in any way, I thought it’s a good idea to share that you can actually find this part, since at almost all the forums the suggestions were to buy a whole used cluster and remove the used one (3X the price).

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  1. Hi I have an 04 S and was wondering if you saw any possible way to change the color on the cluster. Did you you see T5 LED’s? I’ve never taken mine apart so I don’t know what lights it up. I want to change mine to blue. What’s a good source for that LCD since Im assuming you shopped around

  2. well, at least I understand something about to change it. but you could change the view of your camera. no audio and just your hands all over???

  3. Hi, Is compatible board of cayenne S and Cayenne Turbo? I would like to change.

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