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  1. The 911’s engine should be moved where the rear seats are so it’ll get a more balanced weight distribution like the Cayenne. But then that’ll be called the Cayman.

  2. @theporksicle i believe that would be possible, but it would definitely cost a lot… I am not sure how the chipping works and I am sure it would be hard to tune.

  3. If you can talk and drive, you should be driving faster till you cant.

  4. @k20ep3si the 911 has like 115 horse power less. so i don’t know. I think the high center of gravity and suspension actually contributes more then wait. Also momentum in corners and the weight swings might contributes to the handling too.

  5. Porsche has always built a great car !! but expensive!!! but you have to pay for quality like Toyota’s

  6. What Turbo S will do, smash the record.


  8. @MrUpgraydde pretty sure round a track the cayenne would kill the srt8 though

  9. best offroad car HUMMER H2, best SUV Cayenne

  10. @TheNineveh slow, maybe, but they look great

  11. @txuxozj sure is right. i know you were also thought it might be a fake promise. Listen, i really ddnt expect that i will get such a cheap deal for my brand new car from this site. if you wanna try just try now :

  12. Porche cayenne how much is it???

  13. Not a hard track at all… had it had some tighter corners or some with Vertical + Horizontal G the 911 would smoke it.. This just proves that in City driving the cayenne could keep up with someone boosting a 911. on a proper track, would be a different tale.

    Impressive none the less for a 4×4 tho. 🙂

  14. whoever orders a 911 in yellow should be bitch slapped, hard!

  15. Look at him SWEATING at 4:17 LOL

  16. DENIED!

  17. @MrSimkeNS are you referring to the G Class?

  18. Best SUV at the moment, hands down. PERIOD.

  19. @MrSimkeNS best offrad is Mercedes G class…

  20. Effing thing is hideous.The previous gen Cayenne (997?) was favored by many, especially the gangster GTS variant. This new one has shrunk in size & poise making it look like it belongs with the LREvoque/X3 instead of with the RR/X5. 0-60 faster than a 911? Yeah yeah, yawn yawn. Besides the guy who parks his in the handicapped spot in front of Starbucks so he can brag about it to people in line, who honestly cares? Stupid vehicles like this are why cool estate cars will soon cease production

  21. @arthur19995 It’s fucking ugly, awfull, small inside….no power, no size, and no luxury like Cayenne…..

  22. @TheNineveh on opposite day 😉

  23. Just got the new Cayenne GTS 😉

  24. @arthur19995 never. Put Hummer H2 with G class on test and you will see

  25. @arthur19995 it’s so ugly

  26. I love our Cayenne. Just remember, it holds 5 persons and has 6 airbags.

  27. Damn right it is! and will be. Its a Porsche, it obligates it to be :).

  28. me gusta esa burra, si en Venezuela llegara..

  29. hahha yeah it will… Thats a Porsche. The Cherokee is just raw power nothing else. This has everything.

  30. Just got one of these bad boys this past Saturday!

  31. i own an infiniti fx35 but once i tr the cayenne , i must say nothing in the market comes near the Cayenne in terms of build quality.

  32. Wow

  33. I also spotted the SUV with yellow calipers meaning Ceramic brakes… another thing that the 4S didn’t have?

  34. @alex18296 same chassis.

  35. Still not quite as cool as a Cherokee SRT8, but close Porsche.

  36. u have no taste at all

  37. hahahahhahaha

  38. what about cayenne vs x6?

  39. @chongwong Oh, no doubt. But the question is, how often does the average person drive on a race track? Dont get me wrong, I’m not bashing the Porsche, it’s just that the Hemi Jeep speaks directly to my inner redneck!

  40. nice……. i also just got it for my daughter.

  41. hang on. on his times lap in the SUV there ares shots from right in front of him but when they zoom out at say 3:36 magically theres no camera car in front of him…

  42. Cayene’s are hideous looking and patheticly slow.

  43. clever suspension makes the inertia and momentum of the car less and the weight pushes the tyres down to the surface for high coefficient of grip plus a weapon of an engine equals a quick car even if it is an SUV

  44. @Puzlionac some people care more about performance than luxury, some like comfort and handling, and some only care about luxury and the badge, some like the whole package.

    u can’t just say why u need a turbo S or an amg.

    do you think someone who is a multi-millionaire will care about mpg ?

    yes even though driving 50 or 30 or 20 having a top of the line performance car is something special.

  45. no -.-

  46. Excellent video, excellent comparison, excellent cars. I’ll have a Jag XKR thanks.

  47. @MrUpgraydde now thats what i call some awesome reasoning, also, the sound of a hemi v8 can’t really be beaten

  48. this time next year I"m driving one of these bad bois! yeah yeah!

  49. Superb!!!!

  50. Basically it’s a successor to the 959 Dakar.

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