Porsche Cayenne vs Caterham 7 | evo TRACK BATTLE

Porsche Cayenne Turbo S 2013 review http://bit.ly/YypJzQ
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Richard Meaden tests two of the most unlikely rivals with an almost identical power-to-weight ratio, the new Porsche Cayenne Turbo S and Caterham Supersport, on track at Bedford Autodrome.

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  1. Try it towing a boat or carrying a big load. i know the winner then. Horses for courses.

  2. this dumbo drifts too much that’s not how you lap good times

  3. This guy REALLY irritates me… I find his reviews in EVO tedious and biased. But seeing him moan and complain all the way through driving the Cayenne in this ridiculous, inappropriate test, is far, far worse… Why on earth compare apples with oranges? Just as an excuse to air your bias against the Porsche Cayenne? Grow up, Dickie!

  4. What the fuck is the point of this comparison again?

  5. How do u compare these cars?

  6. it isn’t a gargantuan watch it is a normal size mans watch ,unless your a gay man in which case you want a ladies watch .

  7. 2 second difference and Cayenne is pointless ? Can I take the Cayenne on a date, go on a road trip, bring a road bike, mountain bike and/or hybrid ? Can I carry 4 passengers? Can I bring my dog ? Yes Yes Yes for the Cayenne and you call it pointless?. This guys opinion of cars is pointless if he does see the value in an SUV that can embarrass sports cars and still be useful.  The Cayenne actually makes alot of 2-door cars look pointless. Youtube should boycott this bum. He proves his own points irrelevant after watching his video…..SMH..

  8. Somebody should tell Dickie that sliding around corners isn’t fast. You only see a racing driver do that if they’ve made a mistake.

  9. I feel like if he didn’t drift the cayenne every corner it would have been embarrassingly close to a tie. And how can you say it’s pointless? The caterham is king of the track, sure, but the cayenne turbo is king of everywhere else. As far as public roads go it does everything. It’s not pointless, it just has a lot of points. Pick up the kids, race some dickhead at a stoplight, embarrass lesser sports cars in the corners, put the rear seats down and have an orgy, do some light off-roading, whatever! That’s why I like the cayenne, it gets at least a B+ in every facet of automobile use. Except for fuel economy lol

  10. very impressive for an SUV, but if we are going to talk track, why not a 911 or some sort?

  11. i like those videos they show how pointless fast SUV´s are. Trying to make a 2Ton Brick fast takes so much power and fuel instead of just removing weight. Car manufacturer should be inspired by this. Remove weight instead of gain weight and add power!

  12. x6m and x5m can

    the caterham is better for rally sprints and would be more fun

  13. lol comparing caterham with a truck:)

  14. What an amateur… Just because he can’t afford a quality German car.

  15. I think the cayenne turbo could match the caterham time after a couple more laps, depending on how well its driven.

  16. At these slower than maximum speeds, I think the ratio of weight to total contact patch is evening out the lateral acceleration limits…

  17. And then comes the rain. Or the highway. Or 2 passengers. Or a road in bad condition. (:

  18. So the Caterham was 2 seconds quicker,not very impressive. 


  20. Next week mercedes 6×6 compaired against the ariel atom V8

  21. Hillarious.  Good work 🙂

  22. I wish the 160 was available in the states. The higher end models would be out of my reach for probably two to three decades, but I could save enough to pay cash for a 160 in 5 to 10 years.

  23. I am a bit surprised that the 7 didn’t turn in a larger lead than 2.0s — it handles better and has a better power to weight ratio.

  24. The Caterham 7, my dream car 😀

  25. If only I got a quid for every fat bloke in a caterham who can’t drive round a corner properly

  26. It is a gargantuan watch. Cultivate yourself, see what men looked like in the 60s, look at their watches. Having a small penis doesn’t change by wearing a colossus on your wrist. Accept it and move on.

  27. buy

  28. Qudos for sliding a house lol.. nice.

  29. How could you track that awful Cayenne lap? You were drifting, not a valid lap.

  30. what a pointless test , keep up the good work EVO

  31. Next time bring the double decker bus against caterham you douche…

  32. it’s no comparison

  33. I agree…the 7 is gonna top out around 110 mph and the Porsche will undoubtedly go quite a bit higher. The Porsche has a lot more cross-section but much lower drag.

  34. today at evo a lory VS a superbike !

  35. I think chris harris or steve sutcliffe would have gotten a better time out of the caterham. 

  36. I would go for the porsche. you’ve got to be wealthy to have any of those cars if I was wealthy i would by a rolls Royce for family car and a Ferrari 458 for sports car LOL

  37. Annoying presenter.

  38. 3:07 epic!!

  39. Why do men insist on wearing gargantuan wrist watches? Seriosuly, stop trying to compensate, it looks ridiculous.

  40. that`s not true mate, from what i seen you lost a lot of time driving round the track corners on the Porsche, you are not a road specialist if i may say. And from the story you are telling _David and Goliath_ it seemed very obvious that the Caterham will be victorious at the end, cheap victory of false English pride. Be honest at least to job you are doing. I like to see the English super cars win because they can rather than watch this cheap comparison.

  41. hmm and 60’s fashion was so fantastic wasn’t it?

  42. next a tank vs a f1 car track battle

  43. So…you find him attractive?

  44. For me, this is actually a promo for Cayene. I expected much bigger time difference for Caterham.  And I am definitely not a Porshe fan.

  45. Un veau ce Cayenne !

  46. I wouldn’t mind a Caterham there’s a guy at work one & pretty much everyone has to take a look at it

  47. doesn’t really matter who wins this test to be honest, whatever happens, the porsche will always be fucking hideous

  48. I want to see the same comparison done by Chris Harris.

  49. 0 Cayenne, 10 caterham…

  50. You are forgetting coefficient of drag. It matters.

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