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  1. Why is the commentator only focusing on the Porsche? The G class did everything the Porsche did.

  2. Motorvision, you are the most biased channel EVER. The G Class is used by 63 militaries worldwide, and costs about the same as a Cayenne, used by zero militaries. As the owner of a G Class, I can verify that this video is very biased, can easily climb the whole slope, and can wade in deeper water than it did in the video.

  3. A new engine in the Porsche will "cost a few bob or two" – is that a slang I’m not used to or did he put ‘few’ in there by accident?

  4. Why compare a slave to a legend? That’s like comparing Eminem to Aristotle.

  5. the narrator sounds like the guy from Dragon ball z.

  6. Cayenne is a piece of shit……. The G-Class AMGs CREAMS any Cayenne

  7. Ha, ha. A lot of whiny bitches brought out of the wood work by this video.

  8. We are comparing apples and oranges here, contenders for the G will be the Defender and the land cruiser wagon 70 series.

  9. شكراً

  10. u wrong… the g class have been developed from a 35 year experience and they only change components to improve… mercedes also have experience with off road trucks, unimog, zetros and actross considered the best in their segment…
    how long have been porsche doing off road? appart form some rally and their experience doing tanks for hitler?

  11. Yall somehow found a way to make this more informative without any discussion.

  12. honestly, you guys make me laugh with all the fighting. i want both a G and a cayenne.

  13. ok you definitley put some shitty tires or something on that g wagon because I’ve seen so many off road videos with that things I KNOW it can get up that hill this is bs

  14. The base Cayenne is limited electronically at 150mph. The Turbo S model can do 171mph. Those are all from the first generation Cayenne also, I wonder what the second gen is like. The Gwagen truly can’t compete. It hasn’t been "updated" since the 70s.

  15. the cayenne is ugly

  16. that’s a Porche V8?  I swear to god my Honda Pilot "V-Tech" V6 is louder.

  17. This video belongs in the trash bin utter payed shit

  18. the comentator is overpaid by porsche – fucking stupid ashole – this review is not worth watching – commentator is lying …

  19. つまんねぇww

  20. PORSCHE does rock here..!!!
    G 🙁

  21. "To more then 20cm ground clearance, thats almost 7cm higher then the G"
    Haha, I cant believe what I just heard there.

  22. put the cayenne.Genst.The 1.Land.robor.thescaborey.

  23. I’ll bring my Jeep! Lets destroy porsche together

  24. Nooooooo!

  25. i fell asleep

  26. Who buys a Cayenne with off road tyres – no one! Yet you put road tyres on a G-Wagon? Idiots.

  27. The merchandising isn’t for the g class but yes for the Porsche, it’s like an alternative saying if u can’t effort the g class, please u are welcome to buy the Porsche

  28. Whatever dude, Porsche Cayenne wins! Besides, if you have a clear bias against Cayenne, don’t watch this video.

  29. The G is ugly

  30. so, to summarize
    you put off-road tyres on the Cayenne and on-road tyres on the G.
    you start the hill climb from standing with the G but you go with full speed with the Cayenne

    you might as well remove 1 wheel from the G to make sure the Cayenne will win this for sure

  31. That older Porsche design is ugly as shit , but the G is well… its a G.

    If the Porsche is better for 4×4 then why did the US Marines buy 290 Gwagens and not Cayennes?

  32. A cayenne can be destroyed by a RAV 4

  33. the Cayenne has a pussy engine

  34. G – class is ugliest new car in the world

  35. buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, mersedes is first forever.

  36. I think Porsche  paying these people …… just sayin……………………

  37. If u want to compare the cayenne to a Merc compare it to the ML 

  38. you call that an old mercedes? what year do you live? 2017?

  39. This video is just bullshit >.>

  40. What I don’t get is vw and Audi make some of the best interiors in the industry, yet all Porsches have ugliest cheapest looking interiors out there.

  41. idiots. overpaid by porsche.

  42. shame I had to sell my G;(

  43. porsche needs all this suspension and offroad upgrades where as g needs nothing.

  44. what is the song?

  45. same to U;)

    The cayenne is surly better than G on road but not off road… Dont be silly man… or woman…


  47. please lay of the drugs before typing online…

  48. the best offroader is land rover. it beats all the manufacturers porsche mercedes audi vw jeep toyota nissan etc

  49. A fine presentation.

  50. Yea, the keyword is "off road". Porsche Cayenne offers both on and off road capabilities, therefore it has advantages which no other car specifically "old G" endows. Porsche Cayenne wins.

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