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  1. Daddy! Daddy! Can I stop to film your car crossing this adventure ocean? pleeeeeeeeeeeeease

    Wouldnt it be better to cross it inside the car?


  2. @Sebhelyesfarku 555mm 😉

  3. Looking at the video again.
    It look like at the deepest there is ~70cm/~27.5in of water! (I take the wheel has a reference, with tires they are ~74cm/~29in tall).

    That’s some impressive driving skill!

  4. Cayenne is very good for water crossing!

  5. @KevinJayCash less than 10% of Cayenne owners use them off road (Porsche).

  6. Despite enjoying it as designed, I am also pretty anal about keeping it cleaned and detailed.

    lol ur not alone 🙂

  7. it said deep water did it not

  8. Can anyone please tell what year and model is this beast?

  9. was hoping to see it fail , but you got to give him credit for trying

  10. Designed with triple door seals, so that if left for 36-hours, there will be no leakage. Many vehicles with a lot less engineering and greater lack of abilities would have done just as well though……..However, when I take mine to the local offroad trail park, I get some weird looks. Despite enjoying it as designed, I am also pretty anal about keeping it cleaned and detailed. There are few of us, apparently, who take their’s offroad, no different than my friends with G-class or Range Rovers.

  11. wow he seriously did that wiiiiii…. haha but for one’s not a dump driver flooring the pedal thinking thats the way to get trough and getting stuck halfway 😉

  12. good one. and the cayenne is a lot better than what most people think

  13. Тупые. Надо было сразу в озеро скинуть.

  14. Any water seep into the cabin?

  15. gay british accent

  16. Who’s the U-Boat Commander? The key is to not let water get sucked up through the air filters. The exhaust has no problems with this, so slow is the way to go…

  17. nice goin 🙂
    you proved too many of the porsche haters, that a cayenne isnt as bad as they think. Most of them most prob dont have one or ever owned a porsche!

  18. @MrVeer09: it’s a second generation (2007-2010) Porsche Cayenne S.

  19. lol cayenne is good for water crossing

  20. И что тут такого? Машина проехало по слегка затопленному асфальту, в этом нет не чего сверх естественного. Хотя для Вас европейцев это настоящий экстрим.
    Ох и Пропадете Вы не дай бог чего!

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