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  1. this is nothing

  2. What a f u design from Porsche

  3. So how do you clean it out?

  4. I suffer from the same problem you can help me

  5. Can u tell me how do u fixed?

  6. where was the leak point??? I have found some water in my trunk…

  7. Tony, It was the Air Conditioner Condenser drain path that was clogged.

  8. I have a same problem . I have checked the wires but I can’t find anything. would u please be e specific what I should be looking for. thanks

  9. Ive done this without dismantling, NO TOOLS NEEDED.
    See my Porsche Cayenne playlist.

  10. please I have this message on the dash bord of the porsche cayenneS
    1-immobilise active
    2- ignition lock faulty
    can you help me of what to do about this situation ?

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