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  1. Not so in depth review, I would like more details on the cup holder please tyvm.

  2. Wow dis car is vry good wat da hel it is awesome car I m feeling dat I want to bye da same thing

  3. I cannot wait to buy mines

  4. Dream Car

  5. ugly

  6. This or the RS 6?

  7. I like this car and can you give me more information on colors, price, everything. I like to see the keys also for 2015/6 models

  8. Why does this car have cool box ? Which country that the car made from ?

  9. what a car

  10. Amsterdam!!

  11. So this is the cheap version?

  12. Kind of sad that Porsche has to do the catch-up, that they are stuck in the old gasoline school… Tesla has strongly taken the 21. Century lead….   ( Apple ate Nokia´s lunch… Tesla will most likely eat Porsche´s lunch….!?!)

  13. ultimate luxury!

  14. u should do the new 2015 CLS

  15. Hermoso.

  16. can you show keys on every video?

  17. 0:59 Girl in heels and jeans. Nothing to see here. It’s not like she’s wearing sexy tights and a mini skirt..

  18. Second!!!

  19. thats what i am talking about….

  20. Tesla eats Porsche’s lunch?  ROFL.  Never.

    Maybe if you can actually get  INTO your Tesla and it doesn’t catch on fire and burn you to death because you can’t get out of it.  Porsche is one of the best cars in the world and will be for a very long time.  The Panamera will outperform the Tesla no problem.

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