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  1. why do the tail lights flash like that?

  2. My favorite car *.*

  3. "people that don’t wanna be seen in a Cayenna anymore"…. you mean fucking stupid ppl?`
    If someone gave me a Carenna, i would roll in all day everyday

  4. @PlayaSnoop77 or a Maserati Quattroporte 🙂

  5. just a perfect car !!!

  6. Panamera

  7. Everyone who has money should prefer the Aston Martin Rapide four door instead of this pregnant Porsche 🙂

  8. The CLS 550 clearly is a more sexier sport coupe!!!!!

  9. He has managed to make a very exciting car….sound like a pencil sharpener

  10. Nice car and nice guy, but I could’ve done with slower talking and faster driving.

  11. £95.000. My god that is cheap. Up here it cost £190.000 – for the entrance model!

  12. i dont know why everyone slags it off saying its ugly. i saw one going about 120mph on the motorway and it looked sexy! personally i love it. maybe this car is like marmite

  13. its like a hot MILF…!

  14. Gorgeous!!!!!

  15. This is, in my opinion, one of those cars that looks much better in person than it does on camera.

  16. the first thing wrong with this video is 360p.

  17. jerk

  18. two be honest i watch this about once a month just because the car looks nice…

  19. He reviews with totally no emotion at all… just like a robot!

  20. i was in one yesterday and it blew me away, stunning car,

  21. Watch the panamera song: Arcangel panamiur

  22. lindo!

  23. @601geminijets You dont own 1

  24. expensive and ugly

  25. Beautiful car..


  27. this guy is a wanker, dont review a car if you drive auto…

  28. ugly fucking thing though isn’t it?

  29. hmmm dats xj money

  30. guantanamera

  31. just get the audi to design the rear part and it would look terrific

  32. My condo is in a Porsche Panamera, doubt? here in Brazil. Londrina Parana, Vale of Araucarias, worth seeing, (or worth seeing again, xD) Oh my god, I thought Hu-RRU, has also an Audi R8 Spider.

    I recommend it

    fucking hell, I remembered again, I play the game season 3, very beast, and the best, also the xbox360, the MEMORY Games Porsche Panamera is, I find it very strange, because Sony has the rights of Porsche, lol, Subject Now Audi: the Audi I actually recommend the Audi r8.

  33. As an owner of one of these it is truly a one of kind vehicle, that was out done.

  34. Listen the panamera song, tipe: ARCANGEL PANAMIUR

  35. I luv that bb

  36. shit car

  37. Panamera… BEST CAR EVER !!!!

  38. As always beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we are all entitled to our opinion. I personally think this car is incredible!

  39. hideous car, porsche shouldn’t have made this

  40. Saw one of these in Birmingham UK parked next to Bentley. Porsche more impressive looking. It is better in the flesh.

  41. S65 Amg please.

  42. This car is ugly :|. It’s just my opinion, f*ck me right?

  43. This is surprisingly cool car. Even though it’s pretty stupid to be a Porsche, it’s very smooth to be a car like this.

  44. and the Germans have done it again…I meant that in a good way Porsche is just onother beautifull car by Germans

  45. I think you need glasses buddy.

  46. @sgcwproductions1 It is because the tail lights are made up of LEDs. To the human eye, the tail lights look normal (are on constantly). However, because the tail lights are made up of LEDs, they appear flash when taken on a camera.

    If you watch videos of Audis with their daytime running LED headlamps, they would also appear to flash on camera.

  47. If only I could win the lottery…

  48. seen this on my flight back to boston at the ft. meyers airport(charcoal gray colour), beautiful car rims detailing interior and all…

  49. thumbs up. who havent a panamera and watched this video ?

  50. Panamera 4 vs. Audi a7

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