Porsche Panamera GTS 2013 Review & Road Test with Ross Rapoport by RoadflyTV

Vehicle: 2013 Porsche Panamera GTS
Host: Ross Rapoport

To see additional pictures and the window sticker for the 2013 Porsche Panamera GTS, visit: http://roadflytv.com

Fuel economy (EPA miles per gallon rating): 16 city / 23 highway MPG

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  1. That trunk space, though. Ideal for temporarily hiding the bodies.

  2. nvm sorry im the dumb fuck. i did not think porsche would put all whedrive on an already heave and almost underpowered car( for its weight) almost as dumb as making a 918 and not using two gt3 blocks ( like the 917 had )made as one for the 918.

  3. stop comparing those cars with a shit Cadillac

  4. Ross rules

  5. After I finish with my studies and start work, I’m going to be buying myself one of these cars. It’s a jack of all trades and looks good doing it.

  6. I’m becoming a fan. You can take this car to Vegas too and that would be awesome.

  7. Nice car but my 2013 BMW 650i Gran Coupe looks better.

  8. لوووو

  9. Ross, we want to hear what your top 5 cars of all time are.

  10. Thanks team. Great review. This video helped me in my decision to buy this car. I have to agree that this is an unbelievable car. You can really go to Home Depot, take your wife to anniversary dinner (even take your in-laws out for dinner), and absolutely haul ass on the way home whether you take the highway or the twisty back roads. Adjustable air suspension, throttle mapping, sports exhaust, rear spoiler, etc. And this car looks absolutely stunning in real life.

  11. this guy is a dumb fuck. gts is rear wheel drive. all wheel drive porsches have a 4 at the back

  12. This is a great car to drive but I bought the E63 AMG because it is just so damn ugly. Porsche really need to do something with the backend.

  13. يارات حلو حبيبي

  14. V8’$ & Puppie$

  15. V8’s & Puppies

  16. Which is roomier? This one or the 2014 BMW 3 series GT?

  17. I understand that the Cadillac CTS-V or the Audi RS6 can’t touch that "beast" but the Benz CLS63 AMG beats it to the asphalt…

  18. Awesome video after I test driven the GTS I was sold, I was waiting on the 2015 Z06 but the quality of this car is unmatched.

  19. Good job on the review Ross, your enthusiasm is so good that it often makes me like the cars you review, even if i previously hated it. But just out of interest Ross, what’s your top 5 car ?

  20. Coming to a car review channel to talk about pants. Smh

  21. Gorgeous car!!

  22. Could use his pants as an optional wing spoiler.

  23. Porsche is the best car company.

  24. How exactly does my height have anything to do with your comment again? And you are the one getting all worked up, not me…Your moronic personal attacks are hilarious.

  25. What makes this car better than the turbo Panamera ?

  26. did I miss something? how are drive thru ATM’s a no go with this car…also with this car’s weight can a version of the TDI as used in the cayenne, be practical and retains some sportiness…love that it is AWD …I’m a big skier and do a 400 mile drive on weekends

  27. I got on one of those today! It’s fast!!

  28. What happened to Ross? We need him back.

  29. Excellent video

  30. so professional ross. good job

  31. Northern VA is for losers. strictly.

  32. What’s up with those pants?

  33. @uvrffpf yeah. this is really fantastic. Listen to this, really lucky that i registered and got my brand new nissan for cheap price from this website. you can also get it from here : bit.ly/18XOTOY?=enmgvc

  34. Those pants look so goofy and he looks like a child sitting in the seat. How tall is he…5’4? What is this poverty channel called "roadfly?" 500 videos and you can’t get your fucking hosts to wear clothes that fit? It would cost $12 to fix those pants. I know a Persian guy…does the job twice as fast and for half the cost of the old Italian guy down the street. Seriously, like $12 at most.

    And for god sakes, GET THIS MAN A BOOSTER SEAT!

  35. My uncle is looking to upgrade to this from his panamera 4. Even the 4 fits the description of how it looks awful on paper but works in the real world. To me, the 3.6 v6 in the 4 is quick enough.

  36. I must say this car has grown on me. I like it…did I just say that?!!!

  37. OMG LOL

  38. You’re the one who got uppity over a comment that’s been made by 100 other viewers. Now you need to ask yourself why this particular comment irked you.

    Clearly the presentation of this video is an issue. From a professional media outlet, one would expect a better product.

    Now…what is your issue?

    If you are 5’5, I really have nothing against you. Drop the Napolean Complex. The real issue is with the media and their shoddy presentation.

  39. Why didn’t you compare it to an m5 which has similar handling and way more power. It also looks so much better than this ugly car

  40. If you want the Swiss Army Knife of Sports Sedans (which is what most reviewers have called the Panamera), sign up. You WILL NOT be disappointed. I concur with most that this Saloon is not the best looking of the bunch and I also agree with this reviewer, that it makes up for its flaws in dividends… I just wish it had just enough power to beat the M5 in this price point.

  41. Your wrong, it is all wheel drive. A car with 440 hp is far from underpowered. It’s a sedan and sedans are built for luxury. But everybody is an automotive genius on Youtube. Then again everybody on Youtube talks as if they live at a racetrack and the only time they will drive it is down a quarter-mile or around circuit track. Everyday livability is more important to those who can go into the dealer and purchase one, not Horesepower and zero to sixty.

  42. And how tall are you little guy? (inb4 6’3) Did you take offense to anything in particular? In case you haven’t noticed, every comment on this video is about the very poor presentation of an otherwise awesome car. Their own amateur ways and lack of attention to detail will be their downfall. Media outlets really need to hold on to some semblance of professionalism, whilst on "the job."

  43. with all seriousness, his pants are quite hilarious

  44. I’m not a big expert of cars in terms of real life experiences because I’ve just turned 18 and I’ve only got my licence a few weeks ago. Anyway I love cars and I’ve been studying them for a long time (I think since I can read and we can count that anyhow that is a 7 year period)  so I think it is a very solid fact that this car is beautiful. It’s not perfect, I belive that but let me check those cars that has a naturally aspirated V8 with this glorious sound, AWD, this much of cargo space and a benchmark that Porsche has. Ohh nothing comes to my mind. It’s not the fastest, not the bigggest or not the lightest car on the planet but it’s got a bit of everything of these that makes it a very special complete.

    Thanks Ross for the comprehensive review, it was nicely cut and detailed!
    Marci Bino form Hungary

    ps. Sorry for the mistakes in my english, I’m working hard on it.;)

  45. Another practical car, plenty of cargo space for the gig equipments.  It is also low profile and understated (matches humble personality).

  46. Great review!

  47. So concerns about durability is waved away with comparisons of steering with that of petting a puppy. That doesn’t look like an impartial review does it?

  48. I just picked up my ’15 GTS, and I absolutely love it! The exhaust sound is absolutely fabulous for the ears. This should be the ultimate driving machine vs. M6 and Mercedes E AMG.

  49. Great review Ross!! Big fan of the Panamera. Have some N.Va roads west of DC that are brilliant if you have an interest. Cheers!!

  50. This guy seems like a douche

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