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  1. I don’t care what anybody says. I think this is a really beautiful car. And the great looks lead to an absolutely gorgeous interior. This is and has been since it first came out my dream car. I’d have this any day over a Merc E-Class, an Audi A6 or even a BMW 5er.

  2. my zonda cinque is the best. it blows me off when i am on autobahn at 310kmh++ flying through the freeway

  3. The way this thing corners when i first drove it just blew me away. It’s like the two extra doors just don’t exist

  4. Got one and love it, its better than any other car I have had (997, AMG, 991) but then again my age 50 means I don’t drive like I used to

  5. richards glasses are epic 😛

  6. You don’t have to get the alcantara or those seats you can get the standard leather seats and leather steering wheel and you can get the same interior color options as the other Panamera models! The value is in that to me anyway i wouldn’t have a Panamera without the sport body kit and that is included with the GTS so on that note the S with sport body kit is almost the same price as the GTS but you get more HP and you get the upgraded brakes that aren’t available on the S only the——>

  7. Why? this guys is really great.

  8. No you idiot,the gts is not a poor mans turbo it’s panamera for people who don’t want all that POWER! They want to enjoy taking it round the bends and listening to that loud and growly naturally aspirated v8.Not some Ass Hole! Who wants to listen to a hair dryer turbo v8.Ohh and by the way the panamera gts is cheaper than a turbo once you spec the car to your specification and in Porsches standards which is expensive.So listen Fuck face look at the brochure before you start opening your patheti

  9. at first the panamera looked hideous to me.However, the more i looked at it, the more i feel that it looks pretty good. Subtle yet aggressive styling with supercar performance coupled with GT car comfort. What more could you ask?

  10. How can someone make a video of a TT V8 Porsche sooooo boring?

  11. GTS you are the BEST, GTS You have pass the TEST. They are trying to hate on you I GUESS, the ones who try to Hate they are a MESS.

  12. My GTS is on 530 BHP and full hamann type Bodykit

  13. —-> ceramic brakes are available on the S and that’s almost a $10 option! You can also get the body kit painted which is not done on the example in this video! To conclude you can make the GTS look like the S with a leather setup with matching exterior paint! Go on Porsches web site and configurator and build a Panamera S with the sport body kit and then build the GTS with the regular leather and body color matched body kit and the price is very close! GTS has HP and brake upgrade for free!!!

  14. cool, but still ugly due to the back end :/

  15. "Poor Mans Turbo"…???? This guy is stupid as hell, the panamera cost 111k, how is that fucking cheap??? a fucking porsche turbo cost exactly the same…

  16. Things that go vroom….

  17. I know dude, 110kish for a GTS vs 130ish for a turbo, great savings there… GTS and Turbo are different cars.

  18. Lovely Elvis glasses Dickie! 😉

  19. Typo i meant the 4S!

  20. this thing is ugly. every time i see on in person i feel sorry for the poor soul who gets out and has to look at it. the maserati quattroporte may not be as fast or handle as well but its by far a more exquisite and beautiful car, and its the car i would buy.

  21. You must be Jeremy Clarkson’s bitch.If you really formed that opinion on your own,then you’re a moron and you’ll probably never be able to afford any of the cars you talk about.

  22. Like the care…but you’re boring Mate. Use some inflection in your voice; try just a little not to be so monotone

  23. Disconnected steering is right. Which gives the edge to the M5

  24. Allow me to guide you to the most boring car review of all time. He’s driving a 458 Spider and I still almost fell asleep watching the video. Here you go: /watch?v=FTcfF4913ME.
    Enjoy, or…….I’m guessing you won’t! 😉

  25. dunno, its not a turbo though. GTS is a 430hp N/A version.

  26. press 3:52 thats all ill say

  27. Really gotta have one of these before i die.

  28. no it isnt. I would like to see a Cadilliac CTS V beat the Panemera GTS and panamera Turbo AND panamera TURBO S

  29. Only him tho, Hammond and May both like it. I think Clarkson is just being a dick like he always been.

  30. i saw one in the evening and the car is pretty beautiful. its fantastic and when things improve i might get one of them…… but till then i have to admire them on the road only

  31. If you’re driving it, who cares how it looks on the outside? The inside of a Panamera is pretty awesome, at least in my opinion. The outside also looks much better in person than on film.

  32. @SKEGZ In my language we say something: It’s not beautiful, what is beautiful. It’s beautiful what you like.
    Hope you can understand what I mean 🙂

  33. Beat the Panamera in what, a straight line race? The Turbo is faster around Nurburgring, the GTS haven´t been tested as far as I know.

  34. What an ugly car… makes me sad every time i see one on the road… so many affluent people with so little concern for aesthetics…

  35. all right. why clarckson and britains hate porsches a lot??


  37. It really changes when you drive one. I love the Panamera. Anyone who doesnt has never drive one.

  38. ignorance makes you look stupid and right now you look like a huge tool, what does clarkson have to do with my comment? it is an opinion therefore what i feel. if i think it is ugly then it is to me. the way you argue makes you come across like a little bratt with a big talk behind a screen. go learn some critical thinking and then maybe you can make a decent argument.

  39. My lord, when he says ‘poor man’s turbo’ he’s not being serious.

  40. I like Meaden. Harris has been rather "Clarkson" clownish lately. Not my cup of tea.

  41. I got the same feeling but try telling that to Jeremy Clarkson…lol

  42. It’s one of the few cars that looks much better first hand then it does in pictures or videos. I hated the look of this thing until I saw it in person. Though no exactly pretty, it’s good looking.

  43. The GTS being a poor man’s turbo? You surely can spec this car out to be alot more expensive than a base panamera turbo. That’s just really gay to say by this reviewer, it’s all about what you prefer, turbocharged or n/a.

  44. More boring than reading Don Quijote

  45. this guy sucks

  46. All model panameras are hot!! all models!

  47. This guy is like DROOPY, he’s never smiling … but then once and only once he gets burst of excitation and laughts like crazy, then stops .. back to the long face again.

  48. yeah! GTS would win in drag probably

  49. I like the panamera and would have one in a shot. But I think it’s an ugly car.
    Same as the BMW m135i, ugly car, but I love it!

  50. you must have mistaken me for your dad, cus hes the only faggot i see 🙂 pce

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