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  1. this comparison ist not fair! The porsche turbo S is the rival of the cls 62 amg!

  2. The Mercedes CLS looks like shit from any angle! This car is designed for blind and stupid people!

  3. The Panamera and Vicki Butler-Henderson are both not much to look at… but I’d drive them both sooo hard.

  4. So, the tortoise (CLS) beats the hare (GTS), or looks like it, at least.

  5. cls 63 is the best

  6. I bought the CLS because the Mercedes looks nice inside AND outside, that Porsche looks only nice on the inside…….

  7. PORSCHE much more car!

  8. Is that Porsche awd? Cuz if that merc had 4matic the launch would be much better

  9. +69until96 Turbo S are still being made along with an executive model.

  10. No, because than the CLS has no chance! For me the Panamera is great!

  11. yeah and they should do that with a turbo s, which has the same power, than AMG has no chance! 😉

  12. this xxl carrera is fanny,merc is beter and faster car…!

  13. Matic


  15. Mercedes driver is an idiot.

  16. Of course the awd beet the rwd in the first 60 mph we need to put this too cars in a long race amg rules

  17. i can’t stand 5th gear..and as for that awful Vicki Butler-Henderson..she looks like a frog trying to catch a fly ..when she gets all giddy with that big Tongue..flapping all over the place…turn it in frog face…

  18. turbo s?????????????

  19. wow, Porsches are AMAZING. Remember its just the GTS, not the Turbo or Turbo S!

  20. horrible race. shitty drivers. where is the stig?

  21. why they dount use the 4-matic version of the AMG ?

  22. They should have used the Panamera Turbo, or the Turbo S vs. the new CLS63 AMG 4Matic ‘S’

  23. 0 – 60 or 0 – 62 is all the same German websites both cars do 0-100kmh in 3.6 seconds porsche just rounds it to 60 while Mercedes keeps it at 62.. But Porsche has always outmaneuvered and out performed Mercedes. Porsche is the best of German engineering. Porsche is more exclusive, are way better in customer service, their reliability beats every German make company and when it comes to the test track Porsche is king. I love Benz but I rather spend an extra couple grand on the Porsche

  24. Mercedes is always big on the numbers, but truth is, they dont always win. 

  25. Learn to drive

  26. Everybody is the car expert I see… 😉 it is just PR and fun TV spot so take it easy…

  27. not anymore. after the poor sales they stopped making it . No more Turbo s for the new Panameras

  28. retard this gts is kick ass i know that cls got much power but and at 0-60 porsche is faster and even on the track porsche much better what if they took the turbo s what u gonna say that merc is a bad driver

  29. LOOL My Dad will buy the Panamera and I get his CLS 😀 perfect

  30. LX570 vs mustang 430hwhp vs CLS63 pp. you can find it with my vids

  31. If the merc had 4 magic it would have killed the porsche more

  32. Wait for the 4-Matic CLS63 2014… results will be epic 🙂

  33. I’m sorry, the Porsche looks god awful!

  34. They still make the Panamera Turbo S, they even expanded the line by offering a new Executive version. Porsche never has bad sales, not only are they the most reliable car maker on the planet they’re the definition of Sport Luxury. When was the last time Ferrari stop making the 458 for poor sales? The New Porsche Panamera Turbo S Executive is on sale for $200K If only I had $200k for a car! but I need that cash for a new house.

  35. Merc shines in highway pulls, Panamera in twists. Everyone happy? 

  36. Turbo S vs CLS AMG would be better 😉

  37. cls forget to on lauch control

  38. yes, the gts with 420 hp, not the turbo- that is too fast. the end

  39. Mercedes is yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeSSSSSSSSSSSS <3

  40. 2014 the New Turbo S for the panamera will be released =) Read all about it on Forbes Magazine

  41. nope, you looks ugly from any angle

  42. merc killed it

  43. Porsche has less hp. bigger less torque but with better performance and engine sound. Truth hurts

  44. Mercedes best Car

  45. he is just a bad driver normally the merc will always win

  46. They hadbto compare the Panamera Turbo vs. CLS 65 AMG then they play in the same league!

  47. Actually they do make make a Turbo S for the Panamera… which has 550hp and does 0 -60 in 3.6 seconds

  48. This AMG version should compete with the TURBO and the faster Benz should compete with the Turbo S….

  49. Тачки крутые, но у девушки "ренит" (нос забит)……. это напрягает

  50. haaa, audi rs7 thank you

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