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The second generation Porsche Panamera improves on the original in pretty much every way. It looks every inch the five-door Porsche 911, and offers plenty of interior and boot space. It’s also excellent to drive, allowing the passengers to travel in comfort, while still exciting the driver through superb ride and handling and masses of performance. The latest car is loaded with tech, which goes some way to justifying its huge price tag.

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  1. seat position error hhhhh man u drive like child

  2. this motherfucker looks gay as fuck

  3. Why on earth are you sat so close to the steering wheel? A slight bend in the arms is good for the optimum driving position but you can’t possibly be comfortable
    and you will definitely be compormising your control of the car.
    I do however enjoy your car reviews and you cover most of the things we are interested in.

  4. how the hell he sit so near

  5. Grandpa, is that you in a Panamera?

  6. Still Fuckin Bulky… Wish Porsce could do the interior of the Maserati Quattroporte… That car is so elegant, but the interior is wtf

  7. lol sound like a nob.. 5’10 more like 4’10" tall lol

  8. Love it….Buying it this year #fakeittillyoumakeit

  9. Good review. You sound and construct sentences like Quentin Wilson. It would be great to see rear space with front seats in a normal driving position though.

  10. I don’t think this guy suit’s the show , I find him annoying , Matt was much better

  11. he s gay af.

  12. #carbuyer so gay….

  13. Panamera hatchback? Is that on purpouse or are You insane?

  14. what camera is using to make this vid? i really love how the color/tone brings kind of gloomy mood in this vid

  15. he likes a heavy steering, really? lol

  16. That’s a really nice Audi rs7.

  17. Whys the seat so close ? Pray the air bag doesn’t go off

  18. fastest diesel car panamera

  19. I would call this car more luxurious than sporty I mean come on look how practical and high-tech this car is.

  20. yes, everyone is very interested in how many bottles of water they can put in their Porsche

  21. They’ve really got the Panamera’s design right this time around, didn’t like the first one but I love this one. The rear’s just so much better!

  22. the length of the video is 9:18!!!

  23. It may be amazing but for £113K I’d want it to wipe my arse too………….

  24. No forgive database innocent movie secretary difference reserve racial.

  25. massaage seats hw can u not mention those

  26. those cup holders on the arm rest are so so annoying.. whatever u put in them you are going to knock it over 😀

  27. They need to create an exterior that excites. The audi A7 excites. The M6 excites. The cls63 excites. But they need to lose those dumb fishbowl headlights.

  28. Look how rally drivers sit close to the steering.

  29. true wanker

  30. Me thinks this guy wants a few minutes alone in the backseat with this car.

  31. "Really very good"

  32. Wow he sits close to the steering wheel

  33. review mclaren 570S please

  34. You are paying for a name, looks ok but you could buy a nice villa in Spain for that, it will drop the first Year 30 Grand……

  35. I love this thing! The old one’s rear was as ugly as baboon’s backside! But the new Panamera is sleek and sexy.
    I’ve driven a first gen Panamera and it was very balanced, very grippy in the corners and that engine sound… Oh man…
    Also no, it doesn’t "glide towards the horizon". Foot hard down and you get a turbocharged kick from 0-60 and it will keep going like a bat out of hell until you hit 250kmh. I can only imagine what the new one would do… And loosen up man! Even my mother sits farther from the steering wheel and she hasn’t driven in 20 years XD

  36. I think the RS7 is better.

  37. Do a macan

  38. the car is not bad, but all other competetors give you the headup display, porsche doesn’t have it….

  39. Please help, why do I have to watch a advert for a lousy suburb?

  40. Why does your "test" sounds very much like a sales pitch?

  41. Dashboard is like an old Jaguar XJS

  42. Jesus, this guy is such a pretentious prick.

  43. I can’t stand this guy 🙂 can’t watch

  44. You dress like an autistic parrot. And you drive like one too

  45. This car has a small trunk for a hatch, plus Panamera don’t come in 5 seater only in 4 seater.. Why is that?

  46. It doesn’t look like a hatchback but when I saw the rear, I said: "Oh it is a hatchback"

  47. Nice car, shame about the review (er). Close your eyes while listening to this guy to experience the full, Quentin Wilson University Of Car Reviewers effect… Dated much?

  48. Seating position OMG. What a fuck!

  49. Why do Europeans call a mere sedan "limousine"? Don’t they have real limousines in Europe?

  50. what a faggot lol

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