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  1. do u make mannuel version and could you change the pedals and stearing wheel to the right also do u make the flappy paddle gear box and if you do how much would that cost on top of the cost of the car? sorry if the question is too long

  2. dont know if this make sense but,,just wondering,,, these guys can make a replica so much like the real one, they have the capability to produce an awesome replica, but cant come up with a good quality camera or video, I mean.. why, how?

  3. Thumbs up!

  4. I like it 🙂

  5. Ima get it and that’s for the car

  6. Where is this exact places

  7. Who ever is holding the camera needs to have his dick cut off…you stupid motherfucket hold the camera sti and move it slowly so we can see the damn car…or is it so shit that u have to keep moving the camera…prick

  8. interested in cars but different style

  9. This video is about showing off the rims and brakes

  10. My dream Car!!!!

  11. can this be done with right-hand drive?

  12. How can people order from u guys if u don’t even have a working phone number

  13. How can people order from u guys if u don’t even have a working phone number


  15. Nice

  16. @dannyng274
    you buy car (with engine) you can read about this on webside

  17. so if you were to use the boxter engine in the car do you use subaru transmissions and gearboxes, also for the mustang engine which variant of the ford modular engine do you use and what gearbox and drivetrain do you use with that engine. also how do you maintain the perfect dimensions of the car when there is a flat 6 boxer engine mounted in the front of the car, do you mount the engine in front of the front axel like on the subarus or is it mounted behind the wheel arches?

  18. How could I order one of your replicas

  19. at least make a replica of a beutifull car not that ugly one …its a great work made by an artist, but that car dont deserve it, its ugly

  20. Im buy one for u guys

  21. Any airbags and crumple zones?

  22. I’m sure my comments will be deleted. But another thing I noticed it that they can replicate super cars but can’t buy a decent hd cam? Looks like the whipped out the cell to take the vid.

  23. You live in what city?

  24. Why the cheap ass iphone camera and music on the background?? Engine sounds!!

  25. Very Perfect *+*

  26. The only dead giveaway is the extendable rear wing.

  27. Your comments is closed on your newer post Good Work ! If you want/need to know how to build a 60k hp 24k ft lbs tq engine that runs off of FREE ENERGY that self generates after my site i built my first FREE ENERGY DEVICE in 1969. using VOICE COILS & LINEAR MOTORS. This is FREE information do not send or offer money. We have not needed fuel since 1829. STOP POVERTY ! mike peine in ohio

  28. The replicas are nice but sucks because if you crash one you cant repair at porsche showroom at a place and it’s better to have an original car not a replica car it’s better replica because it costs juts 20.000 or 30.000 and it’s nice

  29. magnifico excelente

  30. Let me calculate it’s price in Brazil (I just want to get myself upset)
    27000 x 3 = 81000 ("brazillian’s profit" yet in dollars)
    81000 + 40500 = 121500 (import fees, yet in dollars)
    121500 x 2.14 = 260010 (now nonetary conversion Us$ to R$)

    AND NOW, at last but not least, the price that resellers SUM as THEIR profit (don’t get scared people, it’s our reality here):

    260010 x 2 = 520020

    YES: R$ 520.020,00 is Us$ 216.675,00 is the price for us, mortal third world!

  31. Nice!

  32. Brand*

  33. :57 the engine cover is an exact replica of the engine….nice

  34. Your videos are creepy and the cameras are always shakey and never shows the image clearly.

  35. Only for the doors 🙂

  36. how can i buy one of there beastly replicas you make? im very interested and looking to spend big money for this, i might even buy more than one,
    please get back to me asap.

  37. Lol

  38. why do not you have a Lamborghini on offer on the website?

  39. This price is for the kit. 20k is nowhere close to the price of a legit one. You cant find one under ~90k

  40. where is your NY office? where do you produce the car? Mexico? SHADES OF SHADES leads to Shady shade

  41. you man, loving you work! superb!
    how can i buy and order one of these beastly replicas you make
    honestly, best work ive seen!
    keep it up man! loving it,
    im very interested and thinking of buying more than one car. looking to spend big money
    get back at me asap so we can talk money ;)!

  42. Could you please send your contact information

  43. Good replica, but I wouldn’t feel safe buying it.

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