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  1. Tesla have announced they will share all their technology with the world and competitors.

  2. All this rambling about Tesla here, Tesla there, in the comments… Yes the Tesla has one cool thing going for it and that is: All electric, long range, high performance driving. BUT in all other aspects (other than price, lol) it can hold no candle to the likes of BMW, Porsche, Mercedes etc. It looks cheap and it feels cheap. Stop comparing it to European Premium Cars, because it just doesn’t. Tesla has a technological advantage right now, which gives it a high profile. But as soon as the premium car-makers catch up (which they will) Tesla will either a) have to cut down the price to reasonable levels (seeing that it has about the quality of a Chrysler or Chevrolet, NOT a Mercedes) or b) go down like the Titanic. Well technically they could also boost their Quality Levels, but yeah, like that’s going to happen.

  3. I mean, now that we have electric cars that really perform…why do we need V8-engines?

  4. passh, 20 miles, you can do better than that Porsche!

  5. "Breathe in toxic fumes", well, then let’s shut down all the grilles, the open fires, firelighters, matches, stoves and what have you….

  6. News Flash…

    Tesla puts electric car patents into public domain

    Forward thinking like this will hopefully ensure that our planet gets a chance at recovery.  Let us all hope that the large automakers can use this open source information to produce electric cars that are capable of travelling long distances…

  7. The only problem with Robert is that he is clearly not a petrol head and he makes Volt heads look like geeks who can’t drive and don’t like speed.  I understand the want to shout from the rooftops about how great electric cars are but sometimes the image of driving one is hurt by the green image of the people who review them.  It will take someone like Clarkson to start giving glowing reviews before the people will listen unfortunately and he seems reluctant to do so.  Even James may with his I3 gives the wrong image.

  8. have to say the technology is pretty damn cool, a hybrid for me next me thinks

  9. 9 kWh? Seriously?

  10. Price?

  11. you should try a Ariel electric Atom.

  12. In sport mode he realized the beauty of fossil fuel!

  13. I enjoyed watching you glow as the raw power of V6 engine kicked in yo. I’ve also noticed you dropped your previous sponsor, thanks to this experience I presume. I’m guessing Shell will be the new one?

  14. as u can see man, eletric is not and wouldnt ever be the future, hybrid is, massive cars with massive and powerfull engines, drinking like a 1.0 fiesta. thats the future man

  15. The Vehicle is Movin…..

  16. Cant be good driving it on the electric motor and then flooring it so the stone cold engine kick’s in at 8000rpm , must wear it out quick. I also noted the geezer in this is only about 20% of a prat now, whereas on scrap heap challenge he was at least 80%+.

  17. you pronounce the e in Porsche BTW.

  18. Why bother building a Hybrid with only 20 miles of electric range? Really?
    Just some sort of token gesture, very unlike the Model S.

  19. It does NOT have a PDK.
    Get your facts straight!

  20. Like to see you test the RUF E Porsche, which is a fully electric fast Porsche 911 love this you new series by the way 🙂

  21. that is the sport hybrid car I want, but can’t afford a Porsche Panamera hybrid.   currently driving a Prius C. lol  

  22. There’s no replacement for displacement, and that includes you – electricity. Give me a 5L V8 10mpg car any day.

  23. 50mpg is still about the same as most priuses and you look like slightly less of a dick

  24. The Tesla is so potent in my mind I can’t get excited. Beautiful Porsche though.

  25. now

  26. The EPA tests give better results for plugins.  They rate this Porsche hybrid at 16 miles pure electric range (versus ~40 for Volt).  In gasoline mode the car gets 29 MPG on the highway….. that’s worse than many V6 cars

  27. Hm, doesn’t make so much sense having everything twice. I prefer the EREV-concept of the VOLTEC-platform. far more advanced.

  28. Robert, you talked about probably not being able to get the claimed 90 miles per gallon out of it, but I didn’t pick up on whether there was a more efficient mode you could have used.  I’m assuming you switched it to something other than Sport mode?  Also, I wonder if the 90 miles per gallon claim is if you use a full charge (at 150 mpge) and a full tank of petrol (at 50 mpg).

  29. What does "go like welly mean too?

  30. The transmission on the Panamera (and Cayenne) S e-Hybrid is an automatic with shifting paddles (Tiptronic S). The double-clutch transmission (PDK) is not available on the plug-in hybrid.

  31. how very unusual to hear that engine noise as he accelerates. I must have been watching too many fully charged videos.

  32. I think ur poor…

  33. Why are you being classist? Editorialising around "Posh". Don’t judge people. It is not a good look.

  34. It’s very fortunate that car companies are beginning to see the benefits of using batteries to enhance the power rather than for any green reasons considering the Global Warming Scam has had yet another devastating revelation of data fraud.

    But the real issue I suppose, is the millions of lives the extra expense has destroyed in the process, the millions starving all over the world because a few toffs want all the oil for themselves people in poorer countries are being told, fuck you, no progress for you unless you can afford super green high priced technology that is grossly inefficient… meaning life or death for countless people. 

  35. If you have money to burn on a fast car why would you buy anything but a Tesla

  36. Why is this video warping?

  37. I’m so in love with this car!  If there were one in my area to test drive, I fear I would have it in my garage almost instantly.  Gets my panties wet!

  38. Yep that’s right. Emissions from cars may not have anything to do with polar bears, but honestly we always smell those toxics everyday. They are always near.

  39. I wonder how thet would (will) enforce the zero-emissions zones? they cant easily tell if you’re running electric, can they?

  40. very informative. love your style 😀 please try to show other aspects of the car like boot space, storage areas, interior, maintenance cost etc.

  41. Robert, where’s your "Cherman ak-sent"?  A video on a Porsche deserves it.

  42. Love that car, is better than tesla

  43. finally found usefull review !!!

  44. Are you going to test drive the the ELR?

  45. 95 HP & 20 miles electric range seems rather pitiful for such an expensive car.

  46. a token green car ……3L V6 ?      come on Porsche do it properly …..not half arsed  …the Carrera looks more promising

  47. Cool car…

  48. Porsche = 20 miles fully charged ! Tesla = 240 miles fully charged ! Mmm what to choose ?

  49. Is the Porsche Panarama and the Tesla good for a student driver?

  50. What does go like "stink" mean?

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