Porsche Panamera S e-Hybrid: Green Speed – XCAR

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Porsche’s gone all green on us and created one of the fastest hybrids around. We took it for a spin.

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  1. IMO its a very pretty car

  2. Great car, annoying commentator.

  3. I want that car!

  4. I liked the bits inside the car so I didn’t have to look at the outside of the car

  5. Finally, a way for the jet set to feel less guilty about dropping huge money on a car. 

  6. Only problem is that you can buy the GTS for about the same money. I guess it’d depend on what’s already in the garage! If it was me I’d have my GT3 for the weekends and this as the daily. 

  7. buttons <3

  8. Chester Bennignton, what are you doing here?

  9. Is this guy gay or what ?

  10. this is my everyday type of car. thanks for the review ☺

  11. That’s a nice red paint color. What kind of red is that exactly?

  12. It´s funny when this guy tries to be funny. Really like XCAR.

  13. I wish people knew more about how batteries work. I think hybrids are a great idea for performance, but when they apply the hybrid to being environmentally friendly it’s a load of BS. Sure they will emit fewer amount of CO2, but in the long run the oxidized batteries will cause more harm once they eventually make their way to junk yards and eventually into the drinking water. There are gonna be a lot of jobs in water purification in the future.

  14. Why not the GTS,Turbo or Turbo S but the fucking hybrid ? Just why ?

  15. what do you call this color again?

  16. This is not a Porsche !! And I am serious.

  17. I would classify the Panamera as a Grand Touring car, not a sports car.  As a GT, this would be a nice option.

  18. You sure he’s old enough to drive?

  19. Love the way it looks, my favorite sedan. It’s unique, and maybe that is why a lot of people don’t like it. Also, a lot of people want Porsche to make only 911s.

  20. I definitely agree about the looks, but it does look slightly better than the original, that was just hideous.

  21. Why compare it with the Tesla Model S?! THIS IS A HYBRID, NOT A FULL ELECTRIC CAR. 

  22. This video deserves waaaaaay more views/likes than it has. What at channel! love it!!

  23. The Tesla Model S premium + model will kill this Panamera in looks, performance and handling….and it goes for along distance on just electricity! 0 – 62 in 4.0 seconds and has a completely flat bottom which is great for airflow and all the batteries are in compartments located on the bottom of the car…so it has very low center of gravity…in fact if I’m not mistaken the lowest of any production 4 door car. 0 emissions and 0 gas! Top that Porsche!

  24. How about a panamera diesel hybrid? Is that possible?
    That would be insane haha!

  25. The EPA tests give better results for plugins.  They rate this Porsche hybrid at 16 miles pure electric range (versus ~40 for Volt).  In gasoline mode the car gets 29 MPG on the highway….. that’s worse than many V6 cars

  26. Go Vegans! Buy this ugly green thing, thus the trio 911/Boxster/Cayman will remain feasible!

  27. The most witty and intelligent reviews around. Thank you. I enjoy your videos very much, 

  28. @DylanDesign that’s how we do it!

  29. WHAT?! The new Panameras are sexy as hell, this guy is a dolt

  30. Remember when Porsche wanted to sue over the congestion charge?

  31. oooh :/ I just don’t get a part at 5:30 in this sentence
    "all the hybrid tech is very clever as is the ??? to make your ride more confortable"
    could someone tell me ?^^

  32. If I had the money I would only buy this hybrid for it’s tremendous range, but then a diesel would do as well I guess.

  33. Haha saw that guy in the background with his dog 5 times xD he’s now famous

  34. Also the buttons are pretty easy to figure out, unless you aren’t very bright. 

  35. Actually I think the Panamera is a very pretty car.

  36. YES! I was waiting for a review on the Panamera hybrid. Thank you.
    I didn’t like the Panamera at first either but the more times I saw it the more it started to grow on me. I hate the wheels on this one tough.

  37. I have driven the E-Hybrid and we were not able to get 22 miles on electric only. It was about 17 with some pretty heavy electric motor only acceleration. It’s actually pretty impressive for a hybrid of this nature. Personally, I’ll buy a Turbo and not worry about this MPG crap.

  38. Excellent review as always, actually nice to see you criticise something for once

  39. Damn that is just as hideous as it first came out.

  40. Lime green brake calipers and gold model badging… What The Fuck.

  41. It’s not ugly, it’s different, and that’s exactly what makes me like it more than its big sedan rivals. And none of those rivals offers a hybrid option that even comes close to this. Plus it’s a porsche, plus it handles great, plus it has a beautifully finished interior, plus it carries your kids in the back as well.. What more could you want?!

  42. i dont buy a porsche to go green, i buy it because it has less tax!!!!!!!!!

  43. Sad this car doesn’t get more publicity because it’s brilliant. Sure, it isn’t quite as crisp to drive hard as the more aggressive Panameras in the lineup, but it is a hybrid and yet it’s still 90% there but gets essentially 60-70 miles to the gallon better (say that to yourself a couple of times) than the others. This is easily the best family-hauling daily driver out there. 

  44. i have to say that in some points i disagree with you a little bit. last weekend i had the pleasure to drive the cayenne s e-hybrid facelift for two days, and i have to say, even if its potential of saving fuel is pretty good, that start-stop thing of the engine defenitely IS recognizable and if you start moving on a hill you really need a lot of throttle (even in sport+), because the car still wants to drive pure electric but then suddenly decides "oh maybe it would be good to start the v6". all that makes it for me a pretty nervous kind of driving.

  45. What a ugly piece of shit.

  46. i like watching your reviews.

  47. lugging weight around: continental gt

  48. The 911 (993) was in for service at the local Porsche dealership. Loaner cars available were a Panamera and a Panamera.  After 3 loaner days with the silver metallic/black leather  Panamera S I must say,,  this "Hippo" sized 4 door saloon grows on you.  Plenty to chose from in this luxury, hi content, saloon segment.  Maybe an Audi S8 (lighter weight?) or a MB S-class AMG whatever …  The luxury big-barge 4 door saloon has come a long way over the years. . . . . .

  49. Fuck that ugly shit and the hybrid it rode in under

  50. I might be mistaken here but doesnt the Prius get ~70 mpg? that means if i want a enviroment friendly car i get a panamera over a prius? the fuck?

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