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Full review: http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/carreviews/firstdrives/267814/porsche_panamera_s_hybrid.html#ixzz1NSyS5AZX

It’s a car that’s broken new ground in more ways than one. Not only is the Porsche Panamera the firm’s first four-door grand tourer, but now, with the introduction of the Panamera S Hybrid, it’s also the most fuel-efficient model the firm has ever produced.

Capable of 41.5mpg and emitting only 159g/km of CO2, this Panamera is — unbelievably — more economical and cleaner than a VW Passat 1.8 TSI petrol. Yet it still delivers the kind of performance you’d expect from a Porsche. It can sprint from 0-62mph in only six seconds, while top speed is 167mph.

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  1. :@ Oh god it’s him again. I really wanted to watch this review as well -.-

  2. the idiocy of the hybrid craze could hardly be more dramatic… over here in north america, a standard porsche panamera v8 (non awd) will retail at about 75 000$ the hybrid model will more than topple 100 000 … that’s a 25 000$ difference ! now i’m sorry but 25 000$ is enough to purchase ALL THE FUEL to run this car at 30 000kms a year for 5-6 years… so… what’s the point? nevermind the fact that mining the materials for the hybrid alone are more baneful to the environment anyways…

  3. Yeah…I think he told us in a car buyer video that he also wears contact lenses

  4. What is that music at 3:24. Its pretty fun sounding in a traffic jam

  5. good review

  6. f**k environment hybrid is for saving fuel costs

  7. A Fossil Fuel car if driven properly can save more fuel than a prius – See TG 😀

  8. so how much you have to pay for insurance per month with a 86k hybrid…..
    why not buy a cayman and buy a prius so you can make other horn and blow others away

  9. If Porsche brought out a 911 Targa Hybrid I’d be interested. My favourite looking 911 with some decent fuel economy!

  10. how many liters is a gallon?

  11. absolutely: According to the “Dust-to-Dust Automotive Energy Report” by CNW Research, the average energy cost per mile for the top ten hybrids is $3.65. The average for the industry is $2.95. ) The Prius, Civic, Accord, and Escape hybrids are $2.87, $3.40, $3.42, and $3.54, respectively. The Chevy volt is very high: $8.87. We can also look at the the energy cost of just mining lithium… its about 1200 $ per hybrid battery…

  12. wait, I thought Im watching Carbuyer


  14. Do you have the numbers?

  15. The car is so much more comfortable than a Prius for one. It looks good, at least to me it does, so if you drive it slow maybe you and onlookers can appreciate the beauty of it a bit more…

  16. I am not sure if we will live upto the age when Oil will be over lol

  17. The idiocy is that you didn’t recognize that people who buy Panameras don’t care about fuel bills. What some of them might care about though, is how much fuel they burn. Some people consider more ethical to drive more fuel efficient cars and that’s the selling point of the hybrid.

  18. you pay 60.000 for car sure you can efford v8 petrol

  19. All fuel consumption tests are made with speed of 50 mph ( 80 kmh ) and you probably was going slower than 50 mph, thats why u did more mpgs

  20. I don’t understand how people find this car ugly! It’s the most beautiful car I’ve ever seen… period. If ever I buy a luxury car it would be either the Panamera which is cheaper, or the Ferrari FF, I just like the practicality of these cars, and I find them extremely beautiful!

  21. omg…. Matt’s wearing glasses! Glasses!!!!!

  22. how long you think that will take till the oil will run out???

  23. It can only do 1.25 miles max with the electric engine, you can see in the trip computer he did 15.5 miles, so of course the petrol engine cut in.

  24. would love to check its fuel economy with (ahem) NORMAL driving

  25. hybrid is for idiots
    toyota prius is a hybrid but to make that car you poluet more then ever
    audi a8l with v8 4.2l tdi use 6.5l/100km and that is becouse of the speed box he have 8
    a s class is more eco then a prius becouse 95% is recycled
    how muche you pollute to make the battery ???
    if you have more speeds you use less oil

  26. Shit’s kinda funny…

    I wish we all had the money to buy a hybrid porsche…

  27. Looks like the Porsche pilot missed the runway at the end though

  28. TRADE IN VALUE —good luck trying to sell the V8 model in a couple years…..  unless you plan to keep it forever …..   (herein lies the advantage of small block/diesels/hybrids)

  29. Tesla Model S

  30. I don’t really care about how much fuel it consumes or how much emission it releases. All I care is this car can easily be driven for 1000 miles without refuel. I don’t think any other gasoline car can do it.

  31. i’ll rather have an sls electric wujuu

  32. they do actually, mining nickel alone is EXTREMELY dirty, in Canada, the US, Japan and Europe, we export our ore directly to other nations because the pollution is so high that its almost impossible to do efficiently here.. its not just the mining proces, its also the energy transfer needed to mine, the transportation (often back and forth half way around the world from china and back), refining and finally manufacturing… its not wrong to say its far dirtier to produce a hybrid than a gas car

  33. Porsche did not pro in hybrid engine.
    They ‘ve got many choice for engine v6 – v8 for u to choose.
    V8 more power. V6 for least power.
    Hybrid is just for small car under 2.0 litre. Drive slow – saving petrol with quite sound for lady.
    Can you image if Harley Davidson ‘s sound is quite, or Ferrari – Porsche – Mc Laren… They loved the sounds and more power.
    The fuel (not diesel) spend all space in the booth…
    WTF… how we ‘ve got space for electric motor..
    In world… you liked hybrid… i can state who you are: old guy and scare the traffic or madam as my mom or ladies…. 
    Super for the one who loved the power, sounds, strong car…. with performance.
    no need to think green car or how much of the fuel bill.
    There are 2 kinds customer…
    And lady… go for sleep.

  34. The Mercedes s65 AMG, the one with a twin turbo v12, does less harm to the environment than a Toyota Prius in the long run. You need to change your way of thinking because hybrids are not the answer.


  36. Funny, people say they hate this car from Porsche. The truth is, before the Cayenne and this car, I would never consider buying a porsche because it was not practical enough for me, and if I had money to burn I would buy a Ferrari instead if I just wanted to drive myself and another person! These cars gave Porsche new customers that think like I do… I used to hate Porsches, now I love them!

  37. lol, some say its better to control pollution at the sources than at everyone’s tailpipes.

  38. What’s the relative environmental impact of mining lithium and battery shipping for 1 hybrid car vs the relative benefit of saved fuel? I don’t believe that those relative impacts win over the lifetime of the car. Do you?

  39. well… if they don,t care about fuel bills… again catch 22: WHY BUY A HYBRID? And again, we can’t ignore the hideously dirty and environmentally UNFRIENDLY process of mining lithium, cadmium, bauxite and 100 other toxic components, and then have them shipped for every corner in the globe to make a battery… as I have said… I fail to see the point…

  40. yeah cause battery acid is great for the environment!

  41. The EPA tests give better results for plugins.  They rate this Porsche hybrid at 16 miles pure electric range (versus ~40 for Volt).  In gasoline mode the car gets 29 MPG on the highway….. that’s worse than many V6 cars

  42. 5:10 panamera out of da window!

  43. what you will do when oil will be over ???

  44. No. if you are gonna pay over 90 grand, I wouldnt care for a hybrid

  45. @roleta301116 lol? just let me drive my Porsche Turbo S ;D$

  46. When did you start wearing glasses, Mat?

  47. jolly good

  48. Oh ma gaaawd! Matt looks like a wise man wearing a spectacle!

  49. One of the ugliest cars ever built.

    But I don’t get it – how did you get 43.5 mpg if the engine didn’t even cut in? It’s like dividing by 0, I mean, you haven’t used any gallons of fuel. Or did you go faster than 53 mph in some point?


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