Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo Preview Exterior/Interior new Estate/Kombi/Shooting Brake

Porsche Panamera Hybrid FULL REVIEW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SoOOZMrJcZI

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  1. Cool, it’s the "Macanamera"!

  2. Panamacanyenne 911 LOOOOVED

  3. OMG SICK A HATCHBACK. Def not getting the SUV for dailies anymore

  4. 3 seats at the back, finally

  5. Why doesn’t the Cayenne look like this? The Cayenne is butt ugly.

  6. Concept was back in 2012, it’s finally here!!!

  7. Sure it will drive well but the Range Rover Velar easily trumps this.

  8. Looks very similar to the study Porsche unveiled some years ago. Great looking station wagon, might cut into the Cayenne market.

  9. 20, 15 years ago nobody believed that Porsche will build diesel AWD car with automatic transmission and this car will be estate…

  10. Oh, it hurts my eyes.

  11. You know what? I like this design much more than I like that of the normal Panamera’s! Its proportions make it look like the Fisker Surf, although its design is different!
    And to me, the word ”Shooting Brake” sounds better than the words ”Station Wagon” and ”Estate” (though ”Estate” is Italian for ”Summer”! Pronounced as you see it! I imagine this car filled with surf boards in the US, by calling it an ”Estate”! 😛 )! And I’d really like to see the Sport Turismo in Turbo S E-Hybrid form!!

  12. Wow this is nicely done!

  13. Thomas’ live report from Geneva, Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9nzDH4m8tA

  14. Better design than regular Panamera IMO.

  15. We’re never going to see this in the States are we. 🙁

  16. I think that Porshe need car like that.
    Look great and more practical.

  17. This is possibly my favourite new car and I say that as more of an Italian car fan! The proportions remind me of that custom Pininfarina Ferrari 456 shooting brake and that is a very good thing.. hats off to Porsche!

  18. Obviously all purists will be whining, but for them Porsche should probably still offer the 930. I personally think this is what Panamera should be from the very beginning.

  19. Sehr schönes Auto !!!

  20. Wenn der Oktober raus kommt bin ich sehr neugierig der panamera is mein Lieblings Auto und dann haut Porsche einen *KOMBI* raus…

    der wird gut ankommen finde ich der hatt ja auch nich viel konkorenz vileichz der Audi rs6 wenn Mercedes einen s t-model raus bringen würde und Audi einen a8 Kombi und bmw einen 7er Sport tourer dann vileicht aber denke das der keine konkorenz hatt ich meine es is ein Porsche Kombi

  21. Is it a five seater?

  22. It’s a really hard decision between the Panamera and the E Class for me. I want to get the wagon versions but I cant wait that long for them to come to the US 😝

  23. Very moist however I think the regular panamera is more sexy. The rear of this one looks like it had been attacked by an epileptic horse 😉

  24. woa

  25. I guess I’m going to have to stop saying I dislike station wagons. Volvo breaks out with one – I like it. Audi serves them up – I like them. Now Porsche? Okay Europe, damnit. I like a station wagon or two… BUT THAT’S IT. No more.

  26. Some say Porsche should never build an estate – but looking at this, I’d say… why not?
    Pay attention to the short video part in the beginning btw, where the roof spoiler flips out. First time for an estate, will be going up in three levels. More to that vehicle live in Geneva with special report Thomas + Michel team on location.

  27. Looks sleek. Nice to see sporty wagons making a comeback.

  28. Aw shucks, it would be so nice if it had a spoiler! 30 seconds later: YES

  29. Finally!!!

  30. So beautiful and elegant.

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