Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo – the design process

From a clay model to the world premiere at the 2012 Paris Motor Show: Accompany designers Michael Mauer and Mitja Borkert to our R&D center in Weissach and watch exclusive footage of the development process of the Panamera Sport Turismo in this video. More information on http://www.porsche.com/sport-turismo

Combined fuel consumption in accordance with EU 5:
Panamera models 12,5-6,5 l/100km; CO2 emission: 293-167 g/km

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  1. Grossartig! I love the attention being paid to the details and the re-"sampling" of other Porsche design-milestones like the 918 or the 911 Carrera (& details from it). I really, really love the sideview and the front. Hmmm the 3D "P O R S C H E" "title" in the back is nice as well. The only thing I would look at as a designer are the size-ratio of the backlights (too flat!) & how with the "title", they make the back too slim horizontally and steer the eye towards the lower end, not the middle.

  2. The opening music for this video was copied from the Top Gear episode of the "history of Lancia"


  4. looks perfect….

  5. Mirrors please… mirrors

  6. This is how the panamera should’ve looked like in the first place…

  7. It was far from perfect but I kinda liked the whale look to the previous model. This is pretty sweet too.

  8. Und auf Deutsch? Im Original?

  9. +Porsche is the sport turismo RWD or AWD

  10. you,could,call,it,a,sport,wagon.looks,like,a,mitsubishi,eclipse,from,the,back,as,well.

  11. Front end design of the car looks phenomenal, its a station-wagon, not a 911.

  12. sekerdesign.blogspot.de

  13. There are a lot of these design elements on the Macan today.

  14. Wow! You guys Should make it!

  15. Perfect design.

  16. Is the regular Panamera going to look like this design or is this just a limited one?

  17. I reckon the profile is something similar to the chevy SRV back in 2006

  18. nice shapes

  19. this is perfection…

  20. 2016/17 Porsche Panamera

  21. #The New Panamera

  22. Hi! Could somebody tell me please which are the tracks played in this video? They are incredible! Thanks in advance.

  23. far better looking than the simple panamera

  24. funny this sport turismo ended up being the macan…

  25. It’s gorgeous…..speechless beauty.

  26. behind it look like lancer sport back…cut that butt a little bit..and..transforms it into golf…..rebuild as big hot hatch are will born….

  27. amazing car make it into production 

  28. I was going to say the same thing xD

  29. Top

  30. no wonder they cost so much, Well done Porsche for an epic design

  31. Why haven’t the made this already, currently the panamera feels incomplete

  32. I like this…wonderful

  33. I missed the side mirror theory. It does or doesn’t have side mirrors?

  34. Bringing a vision to life…

  35. The NICEST interior I’ve ever seen…

  36. Want

  37. If i ever own this car i will have the nicest most elegant car in the world

  38. Wow

  39. I like panamera… but the design is not particularly beautiful or stylish

  40. It looks incredible. Love the rear of it. Those thin rear lamps look really cool. Good job Porshe!

  41. I have a Porsche Design P’ 3100 Foutain Pen for sale for only $200. I bought it for $500

  42. why is porsche wasting time? just product this and replace that monstrosity? In my opinion i prefer this more than the Rapide, thats is high accolade.

  43. This is the Sport Turismo Edition, as the title sais .

  44. Finally a great looking, inspirating car! There are so many horrible-looking car around… This is REALLY a car born from a bright idea!. Welcome, Panamera GT!

  45. Please make it!

  46. Why dont they build the cars that people want instead of building uglier cars ?

  47. The name of the music is "Flow drift" by Martin Tillmann and Tom Vedvik

  48. The rear looks soo good

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