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  1. u said that just few cars can stand next to panamera turbo s. is one them honda crx ee8 vtec?

  2. i was waiting for launchcontrol start… and video ends(

  3. bentley got so much torque!

  4. Вопрос: зачем платить больше? )

  5. nice!!!!!!!!

  6. That’s was epic!

  7. 1:20 the sound of the Bentley’s W12 *__*

  8. I know it is old but i just got here… You made mistake, it is not gt speed… It is normal w12. Only Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid can beat gt speed right now. Still bentley have supersports…

  9. На самом интересном выключили…

  10. Good video though, sadly I have always loved the Bentley, seems a real solid car compared to the Porsche Panamera too not that I am taking away anything from that Porsche!!

  11. This is GT , dont GT Speed

  12. 1:10 sounds like a boss 302

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