Porsche Panamera Turbo S – The Smoking Tire

The 2012 Porsche Panamera Turbo S has two turbos, 550HP, and AWD. It has launch control. It reaches 60MPH in 3.3 seconds and can go 190MPH. It also costs $190,000.

To find out if it’s worth it, Matt Farah drives it to Yosemite National Park, accidentally finding roads better than most race tracks. Then he drives to the El Mirage dry lake bed, to find out just how fast it will go.

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  1. panamera and rs5 best and most sexy cars in the world!! ciao by Andrea from italy

  2. Is that the same mountain in OS X Yosemite?

  3. You are in a such a big area and you don’t have the need to oversteer not even a bit!!! What is wrong with you Matt???

  4. Nice 50th Anniversary Sub

  5. Bidding on a Pan S Turbo 2013 model with 1400 miles OMG is this car fast,blows my AMG E55 , away with ease and is actually liveable unlike my 77 930 turbo OMG is this fun or what,125 feels like 60 ,great trans, sport mode and a quick dump OMG 150 at ease. This is a machine and at 4000 plus it’s effortless to 150+ and the S OMG another 50HP not the greatest looking car but it grows on you. This thing is a Freight Train !!!!! Porsche got this thing right ! the Sum of the pieces speaks Volums OMG 3.3 seconds ouch this things FAST.

  6. Ah, those clever Germans preventing you from launching in park mode. The nerve:) A big guy like you it would have been interesting to see how much space you had to sit in the back. Knee room, head and so forth.

    BTW did you ever find out about the oil light? Why it came on?

  7. Why not a top of the line BMW 7 series?

  8. Matt how tall are you

  9. Was that a boat

  10. Love your reviews… Thx!

  11. Where and how much for the sun glasses?

  12. oh its burning oil to the point where we almost ran out twice, lets top speed run it. hahahhahaha okay.

  13. And I don’t think it’s ugly.. Different taste for Different people.

  14. For that money id buy a gt3rs, fuck a panamera.

  15. i love this video

  16. Panamera is fugly. If i had that kind of money, I would buy something else.

  17. Wait wait wait, I’ve known oil burning to be a really bad thing. My truck thankfully doesn’t burn any, is this just something that sports cars do? I’m a little confused.

  18. Has anyone noticed the shooting star at 7:32

  19. He must be sweatin balls

  20. Nice Rolex Matt!

  21. Great shots! Great review!

  22. Break in periods on turbos will burn oil until the pistons "Seat" and this is a press car…My 650I had to have oil every month until the turbo break in period ended and now it is fine. That’s why I have ordered a Panny Turbo S!

  23. matt farah is the best let him drive all the fastest cars

  24. faggots

  25. Hahaha 5:42 Matt wtf man? Launch mode with 550HP right in front of a bend? What is this… Monaco?
    If I ever get to own one, l’ll reserve that for the straights.

  26. Just give me a hellcat charger

  27. such a dope vid

  28. You won’t like the panamera till you drive it. I always thought that carrera’s are the only cars Porsche should build but I tested the turbo panamera and it was woow

  29. This video pretty much delivered all of my favorite aspects of a youtube video. Saw some awesome scenery, gave me some great information, and showed me the performance of badass product :standing applause. Well done, Matt. You rock buddy and I am incredibly jealous of your foxbody. Please give me a ride through Mulholland

  30. If you can afford a $190,000 car you can afford the options.

  31. its a beautiful car actually….this is the only car that matches the M6 Gran Coupe

  32. I dont know what it is about these things but theyre always ugly in pictures and WAY nicer in person.

  33. Just bought one. Thanks for the nudge, Matt.  🙂

  34. I think it doesnt burn oil that fast… 

    What ever.. this car is amazing
    Its really amazing

  35. very good informative video, pity you didn’t get the waterfall shot. It looked like you drove past some nice trout streams on the way..would have been tempted to stop and cast a fly!

  36. I have a Panamera Turbo S and traded a 2012 650i in for it, a Super Car upgrade…best day of my life…Both car’s Twin Turbos will burn a quart of oil every 4-6 k miles up to 12k miles in order to break them in..just a German Engineering cue because they know things! After that they "seat" and magically last forever at normal oil usage. Ain’t that some shit!    Damn!     Asians are emotional and hardworking copy cats. Americans are Union..sad. Germans have a sense of "pride" that makes them the best car makers in the world and Porsche the best of all. I am an American and I’ll drive a Porsche..forever! Yes I am wearing a Lexus hat..I was dumber when I was younger. He’s breathing heavy because it is scary fast to him. Launch mode is scary to me.  I have a backup camera and heated and cooled seats front and rear and the triple Blackout no chrome/stainless sport edition with white gauges and red seat belts! Triple Black with Black Turbo wheels is the best combo for this car! Mine is Darth Vader! The Burmester, blue paint and ceramics are $14.000 of useless for me.  Yes, I am happy!

  37. Really well done video. Actually have a reason to road trip to Yellowstone now!

  38. Oh . Only $190 grand!? I’ll just got get my purse.

  39. intro made me shat myself


  41. Did this douche follow proper engine break in procedure? He definitely seems like more of a Cadillac person.


  43. the turbo is the one who is eating the oil , according to Porsche its normal

  44. best looking porsche, i have only seen like one of those in my city, they look very nice, but very expensive. wich may be why there is only one in my city.

  45. I still have not seen any cars like my BMW that runs on solar power

  46. Sir, what advantages does this automobile have over say, a locomotive, which I could also afford?

  47. U guys don’t know what a Porsche is supposed to be

  48. "i think we need a montage" LMAO that’s was hilarious Matt, why does nobody quote it!?

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