Porsche Panamera Turbo – Start Up and Sound


The Panamera Turbo, producing a lovely sound with it’s V8 biturbo engine. See the spiler coming out, the engine starting up and revving a bit. Thanks a lot for a Thumb up!

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  1. mmmm… yummy

  2. Love this P.

  3. is this a stock spoiler? never seen that on a panamera before! looks cool tho ^^

  4. H means for hanover?

  5. @JO’s CARS: Let´s meet for a duel, man vs man.
    Who wins takes the cars. Who loses, dies.
    How about it, rich scumbag?

  6. Super Auto

  7. Shit car where is the v8 sound?

  8. lovely colors, just black/white <3

  9. White Panamera is o.k. but if its black than its my dream car

  10. Das ist ein deutsches Auto !!! 😉

  11. Could someone tell me why the tail lights on supercars often seem to be blinking?

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