Porsche Panamera Turbo TechArt Exhaust Sound!! – 1080p HD

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Jorrik records a great looking Porsche Panamera Turbo with a TechArt exhaust installed.
This Panamera has 22inch black wheels, I don’t know wich brand.. This video is only the revving part of the video. I also have got a ride in it, and we got to 210km/h! I hope you like it so far, and stay tuned because there is more to come!

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  1. any modification done in this panamera? or you only change the catback techart sport exhaust?

  2. @giovane1991 Yes, I saw it too 🙂 It is indeed this Panamera Turbo 🙂

  3. @jorrie2
    Kan je de link geven van war je die gedownload hebt?
    Of heb je die neit gedownload :(?

  4. @jorrie2 some people dont know anyting about cars if you call this a ugly car you should realy keep it to yourself xD

  5. @cirkic then Top Gear knows nothing about cars

  6. Those wheels, and the car in general is just pure win.

  7. how do you get all these videos?

  8. wat is de juiste naam van deze velg?

  9. loool, I am suprised that cutom made exhaust on my BMW E60 sounds absoultely same ))

  10. What a beautiful sound and lovely car

  11. @BarneyBenar I drive a Quattroporte, not a Saab.

  12. awesome! 🙂

  13. The best Car in the World!!!

  14. 3 ferrari fans.

  15. worst porsche, in my opinion…

  16. did you just change the exhaust tips?

  17. with the spoiler up the car looks great in my opinion 🙂

  18. @ercanyesiltas I don’t get it, I removed at most of my videos the annotation but still I get comments about them..

  19. Love the deep sound. Suits the car better.

  20. hey friend, i saw this exact Panamera on Autogespot, spotted here in Italy, in Sirmione 🙂

  21. @ercanyesiltas No problem! 🙂

  22. Ja, had al zon vermoede.
    Ik wil hem ook 😐

  23. leuke hoor die winkel langs de snelweg

  24. its like a cayenne but smaller, and uglier

  25. @Johnyboy775 Lmao u’d b my brother

  26. @MrThestupidguy i feel so cool i could buy your parents.

  27. fag blocking out the license plate. U think ur that special? Do you know that anywhere you go people can see your license plate. OMG!

  28. Fuck you granturismo, grancabrio, ghibli and quattroporte, panamera turbo sound rulezz

  29. sick!! 100x better looking and 1000x better sounding! lol

  30. My order of preference: 1. Panamera Turbo 2. Jaguar XFR 3. AMG E63 4. Maserati Quattorporte 5. BMW M5

  31. @jorrie2 yup one of fews panameras that look pretty descent

  32. Love the sound

  33. @42RANGA I think this one looks pretty good actually…

  34. @jorrie2 this one does look good, but without the wheels and paint it doesnt

  35. music to my ears

  36. @TitArtDesign1 Pinnacle Studio 14

  37. Hei, can u tell me whats the exact name of the cars colour?:D

  38. @TheStrikeBiker This is not a full Techart, only the wheels + exhaust 🙂

  39. Thanks for your comment 🙂

  40. @baassie123 Je bedoeld het bewerkingsprogramma? Die heb ik niet zelf geregeld, want eigk moet je er voor betalen.. Heb het via via gekregen 🙂

  41. Beautiful car! And it sounds better than any american V8 out there! (well all european v8s does that but whatever)

  42. Omg i feel so cool to live in Canada and to have parents that can afford that car!! Everyday, I wake up and watch that beauty across the window. <3

  43. AMAZING SOUND!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!

  44. I thought this was the full exhaust system

  45. Omg i feel so cool to live in Canada and to be able to have parents that can afford that car!! Everyday, I wake up and watch that beauty across the window. <3

  46. Is it just muffler change?

  47. Great sound! like it

  48. pretty dam awesome sounding

  49. oh yeah

  50. ohhh bljadt der ist soo Hammer Geil..bald kann ich auch probefahrt damit machen freu mich schon 🙂

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