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  1. clipate le97ab l7dide o sarf dima khassou ybane , ma kenach 3arfine belli la wssalna lrbo3 ghanwelliw wlad le97ab f3aynine li ba9i baghi ybane !!!

  2. Lol, he’s demolishing the car. Somebody tell him that’s not a civic!

  3. 가제트 아저씨

  4. @rayamanelly plus at 6.19 he said Isreali soldiers use it to get away from Hezbollah.

  5. @balzayed76
    اهنيك على التعابير

  6. I don’t understand shit, but still better then any american road test!

  7. he is on N mode dude lol car wasnt moving. Cant u see how RPM goes?!

  8. Does this car come with a lifetime supply of Kimchi?

  9. the car has a great interior but looks ugly

  10. Crazy little man.

  11. @komjong
    Haha I don’t think so 😉 But great idea 😉

  12. taht little fucker makes me laugh how he speaks

  13. Il get Porsche Panamera Turbo S when i get 18 in 2 years 🙂 i cant imagine to drive this , but its real 😀

  14. in english pleeaasseeee! all i heard was "GLAHHHHH glah glah im a dirty tramp"

  15. what is the name of the song in the beggining ?

  16. safety first, seat belt please 3:07 !! 🙂

  17. I have a 2 questions about korean language

    when you end the sentence in yo, what does yo mean?

    and I hear porsche "leng", whats leng?

  18. @JET997u YEAH!

  19. 3 people have a porsche! 39 want money to buy…

  20. sorry everyone.

  21. song name plz??

  22. thank you!
    very good video

  23. Sounds like he said two things!

    Its has kung Fu Grip and Kim Jung ill drives one!

  24. @ShAwNeXsHeN That’s because the test is being conducted in Korea. By a Korean. For the Korean market.

  25. @MrFord22 السالفه طال عمرك .. ان الاخ الكوري شكله معجب بالسياره .. هذا الي وضح لي من تعابير ويهه D:

  26. Yeah what he said…

  27. what music is at the beginning ?

  28. A car for plebs

  29. true art of driving!!

  30. witch color is your car

  31. Big Kitchen…!!

  32. either am confuse or he is 😀 loooooool .. well … I just mute and watched the clip 😛 .. nice car anyway 😀 ..

  33. you should name it not in english

  34. i don’t understand this but it looks great!

  35. Nut sack?

  36. i can’t understand korean but i heard "dream come true" a couple times

  37. Is there such a thing as 20" ALL TERRAIN tires?! I know these are SUMMER tires RS Turbo wheels.

  38. ахуеть она вдувает

  39. 2:50 -> YAAAAAA!!!

  40. وش السالفه

  41. Du grand Mendezzz !!! ma prochaine porsche !

  42. RJD2 – The Proxy

  43. pity he was speakin korean…. his review seemed real detailed

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