Porsche Panamera Turbo vs Audi R8 V10 GT

It’s surely an ultimate universe where a sedan can hang with a V10-powered mid-engined coupe with nearly 600 horsepower. But when the sedan is made by Porsche, well, the results are closer than you’d think.

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  1. hahahh stupid channel ,that R8 will eat panamera everywhere!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It’s called torque mang. And the panamera’s got plenty of it from the low rev range. Don’t underestimate the PDK too.
    Go test drive a panamera

  3. the audi is a SUPERCAR fuckin idiots.n p.s that porsche is fuckin disgusting.

  4. your right jellybird … but on the street wen u only get one chance to win you must get a perfect run out of the audi or as u see, you’ll get beat by a 4,500 pound porsche all day everyday !!!!!!!!! launch control baby perfect everytime!!

  5. i never said the porsche didnt win? and im aloud to say i dont think its attractive too

  6. …Thats actually not a fact, not even close, if you look at the magazine tests, the R8 GT is faster, THAT is a fact.

  7. Everything is faster than the Audi.

  8. In order to make it a more fair comparison they should have used the Porsche Panamera Turbo S, since they used the top-of-the-line Audi R8 V10 GT.

  9. Every panamera model is a Beast!!!!!

  10. The Audi R8 is supposed to beba supercar yet it cant compete with any supercar on the markey in fact its one of the slowest superscars it might have great handling being that its tiny but a GTR or a Corvette would smoke this car and their cheaper personally I see no point in buying an R8 for the price you could have a wayyyyy faster and nicer car and honestly I would take that Panamera over the R8 anyday

  11. The Porsche Panamera Turbo S with the sport competition package will kick the Audi’s ass all day long – and that’s a fact.

    And it seats four adults

    secretly – I really want the R8 though

    There….I said it

  12. Next time put a driver in the Audi!!!

  13. hating on the best sedan ever made lol!!! u seen it with ur own two eyes the panamera beat tht audi and the audi took off first !!! panamera caught him and beat audi hands down !!! i bet money the panamera can beat it around the track as well !! remember the panamera ran nurburgring faster then the ferrari f430 !!!! if thts not impressive please tell me what is >>???

  14. R8s look so fast yet they get whooped up by sedans that’s pathetic

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