“Practical” solar car hits the road in Sydney

More Innovations:

Among the teams competing in next month’s 3000 kilometre World Solar Challenge race across Australia, is a group from the University of New South Wales who’ve built a solar-powered vehicle designed to look like a conventional car. In a field dominated by vehicles that look anything but conventional, the car provides a glimpse of what we could be driving on the roads in years to come. Lest Ranby was there for its first test drive.

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  1. Why is he wearing a helmet?

  2. funny fuck. solar car need non solar car carriage

  3. very nice

  4. WOW! I wonder if we could use solar on the F1 car…. awesome!

  5. Orrrr fiskar karma

  6. I was thinking the ride seemed a bit stiff since I’m sure they had to forego beefy shocks.  Maybe just some small shocks under the seats to add a little more comfort and still save weight, or 3d print seats with shocks built in as one integral piece to save even more weight.  Seems on a sunny day you could drive it at 40mph and never run out of a charge.

  7. It’s a car. Not a rocket. What is with all the safety precautions, like they haven’t driven before xD

  8. Top speed is 87 mph…
    …because the last one vanished at 88 mph! LOL

  9. fantastic innovation!

  10. that car looks like it can fall apart at any moment. that’s not a practical car at all. turn a Nissan Leaf into a solar car and I’m buying

  11. What’s that horrible sound, a noise like that means something is rubbing, not good.
    American car companies wll not e interested without putting a hundred thousand as a price tag.

    Un-affordable means no sales, that’s an excuse not to sell it.

  12. is the energy generated enough for a drive in dark? cuz solar energy isnt that efficient

  13. 10 fossil fuel executives don’t like this video.

  14. So what is so "Practical" about it?

  15. The out look is very pleasing. Lots of work to do on the interior to make it appealing for normal day use, but it’s a great starting point.

  16. what a great video, it’s educating

  17. awesome 😀
    and these hate comments like
    if it was made in you country you would be like OMG ITS SO AWESOME!!!!!

  18. How much ? can you fix the motor noise ? Seems like a car that charge itself, most of the people do not drive more than 60 kilomiters a day, for most of the time this thing do not need to get charged. Just set it on the sun =), free hiway driving.

  19. Should put an engine in it, to charge the battery.

  20. Probably the world’s loudest EV.

  21. Since the flexible solar panels available, why don’t you apply on the whole surface of a normal car , so that it looks like a design and power capture from more area as well.

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  23. So what became of it?

  24. Let me guess – Won’t ever go on the market, especially in the U.S. because of big fat fuckin obese greedy dickheads that wear a half decent suits in government

  25. american teen made one of these a couple of years ago

  26. Great video,

  27. Can you tell me what kind of solar charge controller and solar panel would be required to generate 48 volts..?
    Thank you Robb PDX

  28. Solar Car on go!
    World’s first solar car with solar panel affixed.
    Maybe the days of hectic running after liquid gold are going to be over!
    Good news for many of us but shocking for a few – for Kings of The Sand!

  29. Is there any Technical specifications of:-
    1. motor
    3. Motor Controller
    4.Solar pannel etc………………..

  30. it looks a bit stupid .. but time will come it will be a masterpiece

  31. There needs to be a form fitted solar body to maximize power production. There is a lot of area that could be producing extra energy on this car. Imo there shouldn’t be any painted real estate on the vehicle, just power producing solar cells.

  32. 500 km to the charge probably at 25 mph still very cool there are just SO many things that could be done so easily by the american car companies just like this and better! wtf!

  33. Too can build that thing

  34. This car sounds horrid. Like the machine wants to die out. Ca-garrrrrrk!

  35. One day they will put a 440v generator driven by the wind generated from the car moving forward !

  36. It’s gonna need to do better than 10+ hour solar charge time, other than that, this is awesome. Great step in advancing this technology.
    With time, it’ll get better, and faster as the engineers improve the design and components.

  37. The technology exist at this moment to build a car that never requires fuel or recharge time that involves not driving (It can easily recharge while in motion). Remaining secure in every sense of the word.
    After reviewing the registration requirements of the state as to what a road worthy vehicle MUST HAVE. It became self evident that on a government level, it is already known what parts, and combination of parts, are to be assembled in order to produce such a vehicle (A vehicle that is free from all current problems). Because the law prohibits their inclusion in assembly. As well as MANDATES the inclusion of parts that serve the sole purpose of being self destructive as part of the cars functionality. (Any Honest mechanic can see that right from jump, the team that I worked with certainly did.)
    This revelation has only one conclusion. A conspiracy of Planned Obsolescence. As well as a conspiracy of Control over the use of your resources, This one intentional act (of car Danger by design [hence the recalls so often required to hide the manufactures intent].) Limits every facet of life that one can imagine as related to vehicular inclusion. At the top of that list is Safety, followed sharply by Finances (as related to maintenance insurance and mobility using things like tires and oil as well as the obvious… gas). It is actually a very long list. So use your own life as a foundation to see how this affects you.
    Not to long ago the USA govt. Used Trillions of taxpayer dollars to sustain the life and livelihood of the already incredibly wealthy car dealers and manufactures in all USA territories, while doing absolutely nothing for actual car owners. ( I list this as a piece of evidence that illustrates the govts. relationship with cars) This evidences the desire to maintain a failing  system that the people were willing to see fail and go away that it would be replaced with a more unbiased and honest vendor in that market. However, Unbiased and honest is 180 degrees from what the govt wants. So they re-instated the vanishing car dealers at all levels to maintain the status quo.
    Everything you see at car shows such as those held at places like the Jacob Javitz center in Manhattan NY is a LIE to get you hooked on a false promise of better automobiles to come.
    You can see where this is going…
    So anyway it seems that the bottom line in this
    Learn the law on what a car requires …this will fully illustrate both the lies and oppression, (As written and enforced by politicians). As well as the truth and the freedom from this horrible act of vehicular terrorism.
    Signed team Knight Rider

    ~Knight Rider, General lee, Cannonball run, BJ & the Bear, the Blues Brothers vehicle, Pole Position & the Pitt crew~

  38. Couldn’t Tesla Motors or Chevrolet (Volt) or Nissan(Leaf) do the same thing by putting solar panels their cars and with a much better looking and functional car.

  39. I have a solar powered car too! Why the sun grows the plants, and… err… the plants are compressed into crude oil, and then the crude oil is used to make petrol and.. umm…

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  41. And after the oil companies found this video they all were brutally murdered and the media said they died in a freak accident.

  42. Why can’t we just use cars that have solar panels instead of using cars that need gas so we can reduce the green house effect

  43. solar car will be a blessing to mankind just like google is today if solar car are introduced in the market the oil lobby will be at a great loss and this could help consumers and peasants 

  44. go like this solar to motor –motor couple with generator—that power gives to battery—battery to wheel axle motor…..

  45. I have this car

  46. It looks like a boil on a ducks buttocks!

  47. most retarded car i’ve seen in my life,really.

  48. I Thank you for building this it takes a LOT to build a car. From the comments on here people don’t realize it is a race to save the Oxygen for the lungs and brain too late for some. Burning gas burns oxygen and the carbon monoxide that is produced at the same time is poison that prevents oxygen from being absorbed in the blood leading to fat dumb people. There is far less oxygen now than there has been in Millions of years.

  49. Yes!!!!

  50. Great idea but we all know the big oil company will not go with it.

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