PREVIEW: Porsche 911 GT3 – 493bhp 4.0-litre and a manual ‘box

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The 991.2 Porsche 911 GT3 is here! There’s a new 493bhp 4.0-litre flat-six engine, the option of the six-speed manual gearbox from the limited-edition 911 R, and lots more besides. Settle down as Andreas Preuninger, Porsche GT Project Director, guides DRIVETRIBE’s Features Editor Henry Catchpole around the latest Porsche 911 GT3…

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  1. looks same to me .

  2. I wonder if the rear diffuser is the same/similar to the one on the R?

  3. this channel is just amazing

  4. The Benz GT and this car are shooting for the same aggressive, dark, and that hey look at me yet me, and then fuck off, cuz I am a rich asshole sort of look. It’s really appealing, if you are shooting for that look. I mean if you gave me one I would relish telling me to fuck off even if they looked at it, just because. Have a good day.

  5. Shut up ! And take my money..

  6. Did they get rid of the vents on the front fender? I liked those.

  7. it would be perfect to see the components that he is talking about… is there a video on yt showing components and their features’? love to see the aero simulation in work, the dumpers, ecc…. in this way it’s all just marketing

  8. So yeah this is the best video on youtube of the year so far for me. <3 <3 #GT3

  9. Proposal for a new title:
    "Liam Neeson gives us an in depth tour of the gen 2 991 GT3"
    Very interesting video as usual, thanks EVO!

  10. When the order for the manual gear box is going to be open? Also when is the production of the manual gear box starts? Many thanks

  11. spoiler lip protuding like a chin need to come back

  12. Do you think its worth will increase?

  13. I can’t understand the pinstriped wheels mania – it looks cheap on superbikes and it looks cheap here; the same can be said for the pinstriped alcantara interior and the black wheels. Other than that, this car is perfection.

  14. top content right here. 20min of quality programming, great lighting and editing. excellent video

  15. I thought the green and gold highlights 911R was Andreas’ car

  16. With the price of a brand new 911 GT3….you could buy three 996 Turbo’s — for my money, I’d rather buy a 996 Turbo for only 1/3’rd of the price.

  17. If this has a 4.0… then the mk2 RS will have a 4.2 ?

  18. Obsolete cars: 911 R, GT3 RS, 997 GT3 RS 4.0…

  19. THE Porsche to get with the manual.

  20. Fuck every other car channel on Youtube. Drivetribe is the best. <3

  21. I am pretty sure Andreas has a 911 R lol

  22. Look at all those "bigger coolers"!

  23. Manual? Thank you lord!

  24. best car of geneva for me. A fraction of the price of most other supercars, yet twice as awesome as anything else

  25. What a gentleman!

  26. Andreas Preuninger is even taller than Henry. Blimey.

  27. Who are the 38 that voted thumbs down? Did you guys have a fall on your heads today or something?

  28. You can tell that Andreas is not convinced about putting a manual gearbox in this car.

    He is the master of efficiency, pushing the Art of the Possible to make this car as fast as it possibly can be. Shaving off every gram, turning the technology up to 11, then he has to take a huge backward step of adding a painfully slow manual gearbox. It makes sense in the 911R but not this spaceship.

    Some say that he told his design team and Engineers……… ‘its like making Usain Bolt compete wearing flip flops’ 😉

  29. almost PERFECT Car !
    Except the price

  30. Will older manual prices go down now? Maybe.

  31. they all look exactly the same lol

  32. thank you andreas preuninger and porsche GT team.

  33. Come on Porsche – just make the car mid engine like the new RSR race car. It was an inevitable change to make that car competitive with modern day GT racing cars, so update the street car in the same way.

  34. Is it just me or does the editing has a GT feel to it?

  35. AMAZING video

  36. Always great to see Mr P talking so passionately about his product. He really does live and breath Porsche! Great video from DriveTribe

  37. Nice to see the option!

  38. at least start the engine at the end of the video

  39. And Clarkson will always be there and shouts "IT’S THE SAME THING!!!"

    Hammond and May: "NO IT ISN’T!!"

  40. i like the tagteam, or even good copbad cop you could say with Jethro and Henry

  41. What a pleasure to see Andreas talking about the car! The enthusiasm, the passion, the love they put into making those cars is what makes Porsche a legendary auto maker

  42. Mr. Preuninger, thanks for an exciting presentation, as always. Will the RS version also be available with a manual gearbox?

  43. It’s cute how he says matte black as "matty black."

  44. I can’t think of a person in the auto industry I admire more than Andreas Preuninger. He always has such obvious passion, knowledge and attention to detail. The car looks incredible as well.

  45. "pleases the eye" lol, yeah maybe, if you’re stuck in the 1970s.


  47. if I can wish upon a star, this will be the "only car"

  48. Andreas Preuninger, what a legend

  49. Nice that he put on a spray jacket for the interview.

  50. Did Hammond buy one?! 😀

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