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  1. Why is that the weirdos are always so damn good at their instruments?

  2. S T E A M Y

  3. acidez pura, hijos de perra

  4. PLZ primus make me happy make a super band with mike patton XD this shit will be waaaay too fuuuucking epic ! like irony is a dead scene with dilinger escape plan but with a primus touch to it … fucking EPIC !

  5. I’m in the crowd here.

  6. Did anyone else happen to mention that "primus suck!"

  7. remember this From Tony Hawk pro skater 1

  8. Metallica sucks dick compared to these guys

  9. Are you fucking kidding?!! They beeped out "goddamn"..?!! WTF?!! This is what is wrong with the planet. A complete and utter inability to deal with the reality if the world.

  10. These guys ain’t right…;)

  11. dog will hunt

  12. primus sucks

  13. no member of Metallica could play with these guys. Metallica is Jr. high talent show crap.

  14. Wrath's Turntable Time Machine Rocksmash Attack (AKA The Mysterious Reuploader, Ace-edo Mask!)

    never paid for those nachos

  15. s t e a m y .

  16. I think it’s better when very untalented people make horrible music than when very talented people make horrible music.

    Advantage Rappers, better luck next time Primus

  17. now i know where Incubus’ S.C.I.E.N.C.E album sound came from.

  18. after all these years ,I still can’t find long john underwear like less has on I’ve looked and looked !!!!!

  19. 2:15 that’s the guy from Texas chainsaw massacre

  20. Okay yes, he’s good at bass….but I’m not sure if everyone really understands how hard it is to play like THAT…and also be a REAL front man…insane.

  21. jerry wasn’t a fucking race car driver jesus fuck you guys are so gullible, primus sucks.

  22. s t e a m y

  23. Dog still hunts… I hope. I have no bass to work from. I like what i’m hearing.

  24. this made me feel high even though I wasn’t

  25. Censored? Huh.

  26. have dog. will hunt

  27. primus is a band that is so bad its good, like masterbateing

  28. I like the bass. But the vocals are the absolute worst and I want to shoot the guitar player in both hands so he can never make those screeching sounds again.

  29. Primus Sucks

  30. Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1 music

  31. NACHOS?

    Oh, that ’66/’67 Nova looks badass. And ATV Offroad Fury is amazing.

  32. Mosh pits <3

  33. This reminds me of the downhill level in pro skater 1. I fucking hated completing that level, awesome song though!

  34. He is doing drugs so damn hard.

  35. primus sucks

  36. 0:25. Young Christopher Lloyd.

  37. this has to be the worst song i think i have ever heard

  38. Their lyrics are fucking retarded. All of them.
    But their music is wonderful.

  39. Am I the only one that can’t get enough of les’ weird ass smile after he has the aah part.

  40. I rmember this on the first tony hawk game!

  41. Jerry was a race car driver
    And he drove so goddamned fast
    He never did win no checkered flag
    But he never did come in last.

    Jerry was a race car driver
    He’d say "El Sob number one"
    With a bocephus sticker
    On his 442 he’d light ’em up
    Just for fun.

    Aaaaaahhhhhhh. Aaaaaaahhhhhhh.

    Captain Pierce was a fireman
    Richmond engine #3
    I’ll be a wealthy man when I get
    A dime for all the things that
    Man taught to me.

    Captain Pierce was a strong man
    Strong as any man alive
    It stuck in his craw that they
    Made him retire at the age of 65.

    Aaaaahhhhhh. Aaaaaaaahhhhhh. Go! god will hunt.

    Aaaaahhhhhh. Aaaaaaaaahhhhh.

    Jerry was a race car driver
    22 years old.
    Had too many cold fires one night
    Wrapped himself around a telephone pole.

  42. Primus SUCKS

  43. that drums too…

  44. 1:59 GO !

  45. Jerry was an uber driver

  46. Why is a sweaty, half-naked man serving food? The FDA (or whatever organisation) would have a field day with this guy.

  47. Someone needs to clean the jets!

  48. Steamy

  49. obama is an isis admin. fuck obama and he/she admin muslims

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