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  1. Awesome review, very thorough. However it’s one of the ugliest systems I’ve every seen.

  2. Good presentation. Give some feedback about the Burmester High End, sound quality Cd vs Apple Music.

  3. Cool video but that infotainment system looks way to complicated to me.

  4. Great video! Thanks!

  5. SERIOUSLY impressive, currently the best system by far

  6. Nice video! When comes the car review? Groeten uit Nederland!

  7. the map seems a bit slow… question: if you turn off all the "fancy" stuff like the 3D map, terrain, additional information displayed etc. and just keep it as plain as possible, does it still work slow?

  8. Thank you! Very helpful and informative. I have a car on order, so you just gave me a first view of what I will have to face when it comes in.

  9. Thanks for the in depth review! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the air suspension, and the different modes. Hopefully it doesn’t get too floaty or too harsh.

    Amazing vehicle!

  10. Is it possible see vídeos using External HD from USB (Armrest)?
    And as far as can see, no head up display and no open trunk with the foot.
    Excellent review with all kind of details, best review that i ever saw! Well done!!!

  11. Nice Video Thanks

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