Regular Car Reviews: 2013 Audi S4

There is no way to enjoy an Audi S4 within the bounds of the law. This car is stupid fast. That would be a non-issue if the car looked fast. It doesn’t. An S4 looks like a WASP, in a tie, eating at Starbucks on his lunch break. You see this car and immediately forget about it. SO… you have to RRRRRGGHHH all the time to show the world that you exist. The WASP goes home, switches his ladder-dick-piercings from stainless to “Mexican-Fiesta.” His Casio point-and-shoot is already on its tripod. All he has to do is long into Tumblr.

Special thanks to Ted Stoltz for serving as our 3rd videographer.

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  1. have you tested an rs4?

  2. *Luxury Car

  3. loved my B6 S4 but it doesn’t hold a candle to my B8.

  4. These guys take Dbag to a new level

  5. 1:30
    And I wantan answer to this. Are those gas station common? Because I really was sure Lukoil was onli in Russia, Belarus (where I’m from), Kazakhstan and so on.

  6. My Volkswagen golf is guilty of that leather gator for auto transmission

  7. love just because my dad owns a 2011 a4 rs2 and im 17 and I own a audi tt 1.8t with short ram intake, borla exhaust, and blow off. I searched this hilarious channel just to find a audi video. love it man.

  8. *Clicks on video
    *first word ‘douchebag’

  9. I’m a sucker for a sleeper car. The S4 is a sleeper car.

  10. Get a Mercedes C63 AMG if you want raw power and showoff rights….get an S4 if you want your family to look at you as a the guy who carries a briefcase with lots of paper they don’t understand…

  11. AUDI B5!

  12. 4:35 has
    has the owner never driven that car fast before? O.o

  13. could you review the b5 audi s4 or rs4?

  14. Is this in Utah?

  15. it doesnt have a clutch pedal but the DSG gearbox has 2 clutches

  16. I just want to say thanks to you guys. I’m going through a tough time and your videos always bring a smile to my face. Peace and love.

  17. In the description: "All he has to do is long into Tumblr" wat. Is this a typo or a weird joke?

  18. yes it doesn’t look fast but that’s the reason why we love sleeper cars.

  19. Love the leather boots on auto shifters.

  20. I

  21. Audis are perfect "regular" cars. Some asshole starts flying by in a Porsche or something as equally douchey? PULL ON HIM.

  22. I have to disagree with the leather gaiter part. I think there’s no relation between a leather gaiter on a shift knob and the fact that it’s a manual. Take old school sports cars for instance (or even new sports cars like the R8 o a manual Lambo), they didn’t have that, there was just a naked metal shift knob.

  23. no clutch…

  24. All this screaming! FFS. Horrible videos!

  25. and the first audi I’ve sit in, the driver is talking on a conference call the whole time, coincidence?

  26. I feel like this new yorker is from scarsdale BECAUSE LUXERY GLI JETTA

  27. that’s Romans best intro yet!!

  28. I take it that this car is mega thirsty…correct?…

  29. Its true… I have driven dozens of these and its basically impossible to not risk losing your license even if you are just going around the block. The way the power comes on the car basically eggs you on to beat the hell out of it. Even just pulling away from a stop sign at half throttle you feel like a bullet coming out of a gun…

  30. I feel the same while driving my acura tl. Not alot of people know how fast it really is.

  31. Of course its 60:40 power split, anything to remove the Audi understeer that they’re known for

  32. can you please please please do one on the B5 S4? the 2.7 twin turbo headache I love so much :,3

  33. i drove a 2013 audi RS-5 it will go zero to o.m.f.g. in right fucking now those are actual stats

  34. But it does have a clutch…2 actually…..

  35. TQ is a Dunb, Ass

  36. Take the leather off your auto wrap it around your dick and make your pet pygmy goat bleeeeddd .

  37. 3 differentials

  38. The No Clutch No Manual and Rough Sex jokes had me laughing so hard.

  39. I assume you live in the Reading Pa area?

  40. I find it ridiculous when people rant about how "The S4 compares to the 335i, not the M3 etc." and "Get a real track car, straight line speed doesn’t matter". What people don’t understand is that stock for stock, an S4 is only a couple tenths off 0-60 from the M3, and FEELS faster due to the forced induction. As for buying a track car… MOST people buy a car to daily drive, not take it to the track. I haven’t tracked my car in over a year. Straight line speed, especially 0-60, is very important for people that just want to blast onto freeway onramps and feel it in their stomach while doing it. The S4 is more comfortable than the M3, has a better interior (in my opinion), better electronic features, and is overall a much better daily driver. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the statement that, "Most people who buy an S4 looked at an M3 first." People chose the S4 over the M3 because it feels just as fast, it’s more comfortable, more practical, and $20K cheaper. Not much of a trade-off if your M3 would’ve just been a daily driver anyway.

  41. Hey it’s the Obey Tailgater from GTA V! Sweet.


  43. I’m looking for a slower car for a daily, this looks like the car for me!!

  44. As a German, hearing this description of an audi is incredible. I just consider them normal, average cars and even the highest-priced models would only by chance catch my eye as being something special.

  45. huh cool, I thought all those haldex awd Audi’s were front biased and I always hated on them for that and it seemed like such a damn shame. glad to know I was wrong! must be the newer ones since the vw acquisition

  46. Favorite car….   name it.

  47. That’s how my Infiniti G37 is. It may be bright red and shiny but no one besides you knows the power under that hood and its just a normal "Snobs" car, till you turn VDC off and spin the tires and wave good bye to everyone behind you.

  48. these growl are hilarious

  49. the leather shift boots on autos just look better than that stupid plastic gate thing, lol.. its still obviously an auto with stupid little diagram to the side and the lack of a clutch

  50. Close to 3:00 i was laughing so hard.

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