Review: 2011 Porsche Panamera Turbo

I review the 2011 Porsche Panamera Turbo with Power Kit. Huge thanks to Harrison Auto Sales for providing the car! This car is for sale and more information about it can be found here: http://www.harrisonautos.com/2011_Porsche_Panamera_Irwin_PA_254952347.veh
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  1. I was surprised the tach was the prominent gauge in the sedan. I wonder how many customers ever touch the paddles.

    Amazing car and review.

  2. Please please do a Lexus LFA review any year.

  3. That car has no horsepower, because it aint powered by horses yall dumba**es

  4. this guy is so fucking ugly

  5. did I hear that correctly? $21,000 for 40 horsepower? wow, people sure do like to waste their money.

  6. Just commented on your newest Cars and Coffee about this being my fav in your video, did a quick search, and found your review 🙂

  7. he’s a bit insane.

  8. the used one here in Europe costs from 28000 €/$ to some 36000€/$ models 2009/20011, diesel version can be cheaper

  9. the Best vídeo off panamera

  10. My dad has one of these, but has the sport exhaust and it sounds amazing.

  11. The Panamera Turbo – the best family sedan on this planet! – hmm no wait a second, actual in the whole galaxy. Open exhaust button – damn why can’t  I locate this button in my SLK350 . MB engineers – where the hell is it??? 😉

  12. I own this car and his review is spot on!

  13. this car really should of had a rear that flattened out and then go down into the bumper

  14. Wow, like a child, geez…

  15. Very informative review.  :))

  16. This car is great value for money. Your getting a little bit of everything in this one car and it starts somewhere around $70K. Luxury AWD, exotic, seating for four, maad trunk space, and it’s faster than most coupes.

  17. 475k for the 2015 top spec model here in Australia. Seriously considering cancelling the idea of buying a house and just buying this car instead! 😀

  18. 21,000 dollar tune?

  19. Let’s take a look at this power again shall we

  20. see if you can get your hands on an e46 m3(coupe+manual) to review!

  21. Drove a stock 2011 Porsche Panamera Turbo Last week . Crazy fast . Still not as insane as an RS7 though.

  22. I’m sold! Great video and amazing car.

  23. "Let’s turn onto this back road, shall we?" That is what I watch your car reviews for!

  24. Here you go 9:00. Great videos! Your reactions never get old!

  25. I am happy to sound like a broken record when I say: kids, go check the sound of the previous gen V8 GTS out – more is not always better 🙂 It guzzles like a rolling nuissance, but hey, you just saved a lot of cash not going the turbo-route, so no worries 🙂 Also saves you the money for a Lambo… (speaking of noise, err, sound)

  26. I don’t mind the Panamera but it just looks…..  Like crap.  This one looks a little better but that rear end…  Just because of that rear end it should be hung in Notre Dam…  Lol

  27. $21000 for only 40 hp gain lol, stupid euro cars. Only an idiot would pay that. GTR would kill it.

  28. Much beautiful. Such peformance. Wow.

  29. I just watched his 2012 Corvette review, and he said that car had too much power to really test, that it was a 3/10s car, and he never really pushed the car in the review, and for that reason he said it wasn’t that fun of the car. But here he is pushing a Panamura Turbo and giggling, you can’t tell me the Panumura is less powerful than the vette, so what gives?

  30. Probably the best reaction on this channel so far!!!!!!

  31. tks so much for your review.. great job!!

  32. Lmao you talk so fast in every video in the beginning.

  33. This guy looks like a weasel

  34. that was a quick whoop 9:13

  35. I like your videos because of the production quality. Those shots are all like dayummm….

  36. Matt, get behind the wheel of a P1 or 918. I would LOVE to see that reaction!! I know it’s probably not easy to do but, it would be cool to see. Btw, great review man! I’m going to try and start my own review channel soon! I hope I can always have that excitement behind the wheel of every car like you do!

  37. The giddyness…lmao.  Still not as good as the Chevrolet SS..  I rewound that a hundred times..

  38. Dude you really need to review one of the Hellcats

  39. Badass video man you think if you ever get the opportunity you could review a dodge ram srt10 single or crew cab doesnt matter.

  40. I got the awesome opportunity to drive one of these for a couple of hours today, in pretty much the exact same specification as this one. I love it. Besides the fact that it doesn’t look as nice as you’d want it to look, it’s got everything. When you get in it, you’re greeted by an interior of superb quality. Then you twist to start. Oh, that luscious startup. Don’t know how many times I stopped just to turn it off and on again. AND TUNNELRUNS!! Dropping down to second and flooring it. Ultimate smile-bringer. It truly is a sportscar for everyday usage. I’m addicted.

  41. 21k for the power kit! Give me a break.

  42. am i the only one who thinks the interior looks bad

  43. "What’s up everybody? Suba-dubadex-fan here!"

  44. should come review my 2002 ford ranger lol

  45. Every time I see a Panamera I think of YG

  46. Am I the only one who thinks his voice is annoying?

  47. Love this car rear!

  48. first let me hop out the mf porsche

  49. Hey, have you ever been pulled over during a review?

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