Richard Hammond struck by lightning in car – Top Gear – BBC

The Top Gear team wonder what it would be like if you were struck by lightning while in your car. Richard Hammond travels to Germany to find out.

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  1. What time was he in when it finished? Marty McFly was zapped into the future but Hammo wasn’t was he? Oh well. He is alive and well.

  2. God ad for vw

  3. The test was 600.000 volts … i heard lightning is about 50.000.000 volts which is higher X8 times than the one used in the video X)

  4. Now what if it was a electric car

  5. I wonder if Richard signed a waiver before doing this.

  6. Richard nearly killed..

  7. 240p… We meet again… -.-

  8. I swear I just started the video and then when it ended I was holding the keys of an e-golf, Help?

  9. He’s increasing the woltage… LOL

  10. HAMMOND its Voltage not walt waltage

  11. dont do that, maybe your car will explode!

  12. Dem crazy germans XD Its kinda creepy to hear the grinding sound hit the car from the 60 or so thousand volts!

  13. BBC uses a potato to record. Nice.

  14. Why did he say don’t touch the street wheel radio etc? If you did would have died? Becuase it’s hard to not be touching anything during Lightning

  15. hit it with 1,21 gigawatts and see if it goes to the future?

  16. My house got struck by lightning and nothing happened either. But it was really loud.🐮

  17. thats a gud way to re charge the new NBFL bus with out reking it

  18. 5:04 were you killed to death?
    Me : What kind of question is that?

  19. of-course it would start Richard its a 1.9 tdi but top gear never tested one to sea how great this engine really is

  20. So if a car can survive this why not a EMP?

  21. wow

  22. you can see the grounding wired

  23. Great! now try it with the engine on…

  24. RIP 🙁

  25. My car got strucked by a lightning on the highway and nothing happened

  26. enseña

  27. Seriously, how many times are they going to try to kill Richard? Off the top of my head I can think of this, the underwater car challenge, him driving a Land Rover up the side of a dam, the conflict at an American gas station, Yungas Road, Nardò Ring, and (obviously) The Vampire. That guy has more lives than a cat! 😛

  28. the t.v program Q.E.D PERFORMED the same experiment 30 years ago if I remember right they used a ford sierra with a diesel engine the effect on the car was that the seat belt light flashed and the wipers turned on and they used a roof rack as not to burn the paint

  29. So would this work the same on any other car?

  30. im here bcos my physics told me to.

  31. First off I live in Oklahoma we are NOT in thunder storm ally that is in New Mexico, Oklahoma is in tornado ally

  32. the radio’s on the Fritz XD


  34. you’re safe in your car as long as you’re not touching anything metal that is either wired bolted or in any way connected to the metal chassis. because if its conductive it’ll travel from the car to those parts and into you. they zapped this car several times lasting for more than the duration of a lightning discharge so you’d be okay

  35. Aahh Germany ^^

  36. At 600.000 volts

  37. if lightning can go through 200m of air it can go through a few inches of rubber, especially when the rubber has metal threads in it. silly james

  38. So if a car can survive this why not a EMP?

  39. Thats the sound you would here on a back to the future movie

  40. This is not lightning strike for sure, be serious in what you are claiming! It is AC breakdown, thus the continuous breakdown. Lightning is far different… fast waveform i.e 1,2/50 μs for impulse voltage.

  41. hhhhhhh great

  42. who the heck gets crushed by a reptile or dies in a waiting room

  43. it hit yule cahhh

  44. Faraday’s Chamber

  45. GG

  46. Well, OF COURSE the car and the human both survive getting hit by lightning – Marty McFly proved that for us a long time ago. 😉
    Now, the important question is: what time did Hammond arrive in?

  47. I wish Chris Evans is still a presenter. I really want to see Chris Evans do this, but this time he is on top of the car.

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