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  1. WOW,only 4/5$ gallon!?
    In europe diesel is 7$ gallon.ENJOY.

  2. Yeah, seems legit: Compare a V6 diesel to gasoline V8. Motorweek is so full of shit

  3. why?

  4. Meh. My wish would be for porsche to make a 2 Door panamera with the audi Q7 6.0 V12 Tdi engine…. That would be awesome, especially if sold in north america…

  5. Kinda funky that Ben is wearing a helmet and your cameraman is filming with no protection. It should be the other way around.

  6. A chemical reaction with nitrogen oxide… it decomposes it to form water, ammonia, and nitrogen.

  7. If you compare gallon to gallon diesel to gas, diesel produces more C02 per gallon, but bc of the energy density of the diesel and efficiency of diesels you get fewer CO2 emissions per mile.Soot and NOx can be kept to a minimum with filters and catalytic converters. Diesel has other advantages: less power loss at high altitude bc diesels run lean, while gasoline engines need specific fuel:air ratio than is difficult to maintain at higher altitude bc lower oxygen concentration.

  8. umad bro?

  9. Another perk of Diesel: higher boiling point so less likely to evaporate into the air than gasoline. Its flashpoint is 125F vs -45F for gasoline means it is safer to handle.Diesel is more expensive in US bc of the taxes are higher and bc US uses a refining process that produces higher ratio of gasoline to diesel. Europe uses a process that produces lower ratio of gasoline: diesel.US exports excess diesel to europe and they export excess gas to US.

  10. The MPG is actually not bad for an AWD SUV.

  11. obviously you’ve never driven through snow or blizzard conditions, so whats your point?

  12. They should have pulled a boat or a trailer. 🙁

  13. This SUV has an Audi V6 diesel. Nothing wrong with that nothing at all.

  14. I feel like this whole movie was like this guy introducing the cayenne into the ring for a boxing match

  15. as many advantages diesel may have, gasoline is a better choice – when the crooked politicians allow bio-diesel to hit the market, the i will be a fan of diesel

  16. Why? 2 more MPG? Nah……

  17. I don’t have much snow here, but, if you live in an area that gets a lot of snow, my little Metro got around in it GREAT and it got 40MPG. What has your ignorant comment got to do with my comment? BTW, I had a Jeep, too. It got around ANYWHERE…AND it could haul ANYTHING behind it with a winch in front and hitch behind. Only got 21MPG, but it had an intended use. Up here in the NW, we do have snow in the mountains…and blizzard-like conditions on occasion. This Porsche shown here is a POS!

  18. not at all

  19. My 2004 Cayenne, did about 18 mpg highway on premium. While my 2007 Q7 did a little less. But, my 2005 SRX with Northstar did 22 mpg highway on regular and my 2008 Escalade Hybrid averaged 22.1 mpg over the entire 27001 miles we owned it. I checked prices yesterday and diesel was .66 a gallon over regular and .45 over premium. The oil boys are taking away any benefit even though there is more diesel in a barrel of oil tan gas.
    My Current 2011 Cayenne gets 28+ mpg highway and 22 city.

  20. 2:30 urea injection? lol they inject piss into it basically.

  21. i have owned Porsches for years and do not care about mileage or the price of fuel. the permanent smile you get from owning Porsches is worth more than mileage and fuel costs.

  22. *not using tech the right way

  23. averaged 29.4 in their test…

  24. I know it’s a Diesel, it says it in the title.

  25. 35% better fuel economy, and diesel fuel is only 7% higher then gas. I’ll take that any day.

  26. The ML 350 BlueTec is quicker, and is more comfortable, but this porsche got better handling, I prefer the ML as an everyday car

  27. No, piss also has water and salt in it (and sometimes protein and sugar), so don’t think give people the idea that they can just refill the urea tank by pissing into it.

  28. Rudolf Diesel’s original engine was designed to run on a variety of vegetable oils such as hemp and peanut oil, but would also run on kerosene.One of his goals in life was to make farmers more self sufficient by designing an engine that could run biodiesel. It wasnt until after his death that petrodiesel became the standard fuel for that engine. I don’t if its by design or by chance but modern common rail engines dont do well on biodiesel.

  29. Hmm… It certainly has decent track numbers for a turbo V6. I like it!

  30. John, I believe that you put MPG>EMISSIONS – if we could burn tar in an engine and get 50 mpg, would you jump on that bandwagon?

  31. what does that blue liquid do to reduce emissions??

  32. and you do? who made you the expert on emissions? no matter how "clean" the diesel may be, it will never be as clean as higher octane fuels – if your smart ass was to mention bio-diesel, i would not be schooling you – but as of 11/21/2012, bio-diesel is nor readily available – rather, good old petroleum based diesel is available – yes diesels have come a long ways but diesel is and should not be the future

  33. The gas six is a better setup with diesel selling for about .30 to $1.00 a gallon over regular. Ours averages 25 mpg getting 28 mpg highway consistently. What I would like to se is a V-6 TURBO. I don’t need the power of the GTS or the Turbo S but a Turbo 6 would be perfect. Our 3rd one is on order.

  34. I like Natural gas in concept, but in execution you make a lot of compromises bc its less energy dense than compromise range.You need bulkier/heavier fuel tank taking up valuable trunk space.maybe for a small urban commuter vehicle or city buses natural gas might work to transport a small family and all their gear on highways, and mountainous backroads the diesel gets your more pulling power and range than natural gas.i havent given up on biodiesel yet.

  35. Tried the V8 in my 2004 Cayenne and went to the V6 in my 2011. I spent the extra money I saved on buying the entire suspension packages . For the 22,000 miles I owned the car MPG was 25.2 mpg. My Carmine Red 2013 seems to be doing just about the same.  My 2009 Escalade Hybrid for 27,000 miles only did 22 mpg. The extra cost for diesel isn’t worth it over the base V6. Around here 10% to 15% more than premium.

  36. a jet engine/turbine can run on almost any fuel – yet, they use jet fuel, a byproduct of fossil fuels – i’m not one of these "green" people but i do believe that we are still stuck on fossil fuels because we are using technology the right way – current gas engines can easily be converted to run on natural gas and produce way less emissions – all i intended on saying is that VW behind the times and pushing diesel fuel is irresponsible and mileage > emissions is not good for my family or your’s.

  37. It’s a diesel.Compared to gas, diesels are high efficiency and high torque, perfect for an SUV.

  38. That’s funny! Never thought of that but ur right.

  39. I haven’t had a car that took regular in over 10 years. All of my cars use premium, so I use that as my baseline. In that case, diesel is sometimes cheaper than premium here and at other times almost the cost of regular fuel. Volkswagen has the most economical diesel. I can drive 16,000+ miles per year at barely $130/mo. in diesel fuel. That’s a lot cheaper than most people pay for gas for the same miles.

  40. Why are you yelling?

  41. Being that the Porsche Cayenne is an awesome SUV and an Audi diesel V6 is used, thats only fitting since Porsche and Audi are both part of Team Volkswagen. Good job Porsche.

  42. What’s the point? If it doesn’t haul anything behind it then you don’t need an "SUV" (which I don’t agree that this qualifies to have as it’s classification). Furthermore, if this is the case, why not just put a smaller engine in it and leave it as a "cross-over"(really what this is, by definition) with better fuel economy? Whose big dumb idea was this? Try again, Porsche. The 3 liter engine is just a waste. Polluters!

  43. Excellant review by the legend..well done sir..thanks

  44. *nature

  45. Did he just say ‘Ute’ for you? because by no definition is it a ute

  46. best sheeeet!

  47. Thank you for a seriously boring review of a seriously excellent vehicle

  48. possibly the first time i thought a porsche looked cheap!

  49. Takes big balls to be a camera man on that track. I imagine that if he ever got hit, a helmet wouldn’t do much, so no real point wearing a helmet while trying to hold a camera steady. The driver, on the other hand, is at risk of rolling over if he is not paying attention so a helmet still makes sense.

  50. This is clearly the Cayenne to get, as long as you keep the options sane.

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