Roadfly.com – 2010 Porsche Panamera 0-60 Test. Panamera S vs. Panamera 4S vs. Panamera Turbo

Roadfly.com tests the 2010 Porsche Panamera S against the Porsche Panamera 4S against the Porsche Panamera Turbo in 0-60 tests in the driving rain. We really get a chance to see how well the car benefits from all wheel drive. The Turbo and 4S are significantly faster to 30 MPH. These tests were performed on pit lane at Road America in Elkhart Lake, WI, in the driving rain. Keep in mind that in addition to the weather conditions Road America’s pit lane is slightly uphill which definitely costs 10ths of seconds in these types of road tests. Special thanks to our long time Roadfly videographer Alex Stack.

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  1. This car looks so so so so much better in person. On pictures and on most videos its ugly, but in person its stunning.

  2. @derbigpr500 is 110% right. Porsche curves never quite translate well to flat pics and videos. When I saw the Panamera, I figured it was going to look alot better in person, so I went to the local dealership where I almost bought a 996 years ago and was enamored. The car is great looking! But I am biased as I like hatchbacks and wagons. (I drive early Saab 9-3’s and an early 90’s Lotus Esprit with the rear hatch glass.)

  3. pop 60s!!

  4. @WhiteMoonLights trust me it is beautiful

  5. I wonder why the mic was placed under the hood?

  6. Good thing they got rid of that short guy! He was such a dry ass!

  7. the turbos real 0 to 60 time is like 3.5 or 3.7 seconds, as stated its driven in very wet conditions

  8. @zloben9000 they dont let u lease them, but insurance was only 150 $ a month

  9. @MrNoseblunt
    150 ?
    what lease scheme are you using ?

    Insurance alone is 300 USD per month on the panamera.(3000-3800 USD)per year

  10. it sounds like a diesel

  11. dammmm guys couldnt wait till there wasnt any rain???? 🙁

  12. m56 is faster

  13. 1) Why would you do acceleration tests in the rain? Those times just aren’t that impressive. 350z is faster than that.

  14. I really dont like the look of this car or the very unrefined sound of the engine but atleast it’s fast.

  15. Unless the point was to demonstrate the advantage of AWD, which this video was doing.

  16. This is basically my dream car. At first I dreamt I would own a 07 BMW, I worked, I did it! Then I dreamt I would trade my BMW and buy an 09 Infiniti, I worked, I did it!! Then I dreamt I would own a Porsche Panamera, I slept and I kept dreaming!!! =(

  17. Just bought a 2010 S Model!! These things are like the land version of the Concorde!!!

  18. i dont like that model…

  19. @4MATICbenz I think they put the microphone to record the engine sound under the engine bay. You’re probably hearing the injectors and valves clicking.

  20. Out of curiosity, did you guys record the engine noise from under the hood in this video?

  21. I can see that lol

    What I’m saying is, those numbers are weak… Porsche is giving the Turbo PDK an estimated 3.8 0-60 and Edmunds did it in like 3.6s, not 5.1 X-D

  22. Charlie, I am glad that you have put together "ROADFLY". I enjoy your informative and entertaining videos almost daily. I am glad that you can make money from this. I don’t know how, but you do and that’s all that matters. One thing though, LET’S SEE MORE OF JESSI AND LESS OF YOU. 😉 Seriously though, keep it up. I love Roadfly

  23. @derbigpr500 actually i think the opposite. seen a couple of them lately and they look like huge elephant like chunks of metal imo. lol. i especially dislike that they’re so huge, looks more trimmed in the videos

  24. in real life there is only one ugly angle, directly back mind you not alot of cars look nice from the rear

  25. damn those things are stupid fast

  26. Agreed, it’s sexy in person. The rear still looks funny but it’s gorgeous. One thing I don’t like is how they are copying the Audi’s lights on this thing.

  27. great

  28. @zloben9000 uhmm no we just got this car and it only costs an additional $150 a month

  29. @rcelkos13 in these conditions maybe yoy got 8,8 to 60 with your plastic car….

  30. useless video

  31. I’d love to see the turbo take off in the dry

  32. @Voidchaser you are blind or stupid?

    "The mic is under the hood near the exhaust so you’re basically hearing the spark plugs fire and then the exhaust. We didn’t have a way to simultaneously mic the sound coming out of the muffler."

  33. Just bought one! Black on Black! lol

  34. i have a review of the Panamera.

    Base model Costs 2000 BUCKS to own per month…
    thats a LOT

  35. Notice how quickly the PDK gearbox changes thru the gears… geeeeeeeeez !

  36. That was so funny
    when he puts his fingers under the fender ROFL

  37. The car is just GREAT!!

  38. First time a saw this car i said its ugly,, whan i went to a porsche showroom it looked nice when I opened the doors i said hell this car is nice!!! and now i love it!

  39. @derbigpr500 Yup..i saw one recently in person..and it was so great to the point that i was getting goosebumps and automatically saying "HOLY CAR"

  40. After reading the majority of the comments below, I have determined most people really are stupider than I originally thought.

  41. Wisconsin… well dang thats my home state
    lets home he didnt drink before he drove though

  42. @derbigpr500 I agree, its growing on me. Could maybe still work on the back but the front I think looks stunning especially looking at it face front.

  43. @MrGTR1988 Damn, it does!

  44. ? I know it’s in the wet, but my friend has the Panamera S and we got about 5.6seconds in the wet.

  45. musialo napierdlac ostro deszczem nie wierze ze tak cienko od 0 – 100km/k

  46. Those engines must have been cold because they sound like tractors.

  47. Dam the motor sounds nasty, sounds like the camera is under the hood lol

  48. @derbigpr500 i very agree with your opinion 🙂 i also love this car

  49. that’s a COOL WING!!!

  50. @roadflytv Top Gear does it.

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