dOlfXu.jpg – 2010 Porsche Panamera 4S Road Test & Review

Jessi Lang recently spent a week in the 2010 Porsche Panamera 4S. This sport sedan is nothing short of amazing. The all-wheel-drive Panamera 4S with its normally aspirated, 32-valve DOHC, 4.8-liter V8 makes 400-horsepower but due to the highly efficient PDK transmission that 400 hp feels a lot more like 500. Jessi road tests and reviews the new Panamera which compares to BMWs might M5 and the Mercedes-Benz AMG models.

Stay tuned to the end of the video for more of Jessi’s bloopers!

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  1. Could not agree with Frostybearkid more <3 I think I’m in love

  2. She bangin

  3. I don’t think saying this compares to the AMGs is right. AMG is Benz’s performance division, and not necessarily a class or model. It is in the class with Mercedez CLS I think.

  4. id take the girl:)!!

  5. jessi your a goddess marry me

  6. Jessi is the only one who actually knows about the cars she reviews . Emme is just a dork, and Ross Rappaport is just a fucking troll

  7. sexiest host ever!!!!!!!

  8. Freakin AWesome car! also love those white pants! LoL!

  9. still mid to high 60s for a 2010 panamera in the US. pretty decent resale.

  10. I would prefer Jessi over Panamera..

    Though both are insanely hot..

  11. …Its aluminium not alumnum !!! Jesus !

  12. exultant video review, I think I’ll go out and buy a couple, may i’ll a discount in bulk buying, NOT. Nice to see your goofier side come out at the end

  13. 5:57 = Bimbo!

  14. Bet she handles better than the porsh..

  15. i had no idea porsche makes kitchens.

  16. wifey material wow x3

  17. 1:16..3,6,9 damn your fine move it so you can sock it to me one mo time

  18. The panamera is everywhere in kuwait. After two years the price tag drops like crazy.

  19. Gorgeous Car, Gorgeous Reviewer and you cannot have either one of them.

  20. Thank you. Very useful review.

  21. santa? rich grandma? nope… (;

  22. Look at the shape of the key, yea. We all just looking at your tits

  23. Thanks for the review. You didn’t have any negative comments though…..
    To good to be true? Either way, I’m going for a testdrive.

  24. its a nice car as well as presentation good job 

  25. She is Hot!

  26. Oh, it’s so very cool! but, I can’t buy in this car. That’s pretty expensive it!

  27. end?

  28. jessi what kind of car do you drive?

  29. Jessi Lang: "I’m a die hard manual transmission fan. I’ve never purchased a car that wasn’t manual"

    OMG Jessi Lang. You are so sexy. You have a down to earth personality, you think like a guy, and you have a sweet laugh. SexAY!

  30. Jessi Lang is my new favorite

  31. what happend if you press panic? duh

  32. Porsche styling is like military intelligence…stupid and ugly.

  33. 2:18 i think that a woman driving is more dangerous than the stop watch

  34. Lol jokes

  35. na nigga lol im jk she probably would cause i dont have my license and I only drift lol

  36. Jeremy Clarkson would say one thing only, SWEEET !!!

  37. well..let’s watch it another time to see the car, too…

  38. #جيش التمساح

  39. You mean Jessi Lang and the Porsche right?

  40. Man look at that ride, it looks incredibly comfy, reliable and looks like you can get plenty of miles out of it.

    The Porsche looks good too.

  41. shes like high at the end lol

  42. Spicy but you could be hotter…

  43. Jessi is a very good car review gal…bravo!!!

  44. I wasn’t expecting the voice…

  45. "It’s quiet a piece of eye candy" – Well.. maybe.. but Jessi is eye candy and ear candy. So let’s just forget the car.

  46. u missed the "s" no worried bro

  47. oh god a blonde woman is driving..

  48. A hot girl who speaks car…love

  49. She would get on your nerves in six months. You will never get tired of the car.

  50. I LOVE the bloopers!

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