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  1. WHERE IS SUBARU ? it can beat the living shit out of the bmw.
    ALLSO turning ESP and every other extras off in mercedes and audi , in that case yes bmv will do better then two other. in real life ppl dont drive on metal roller plates all the time, in real life the bmw gets stuck and quattro with subaru friends will drift by and laught they asses off….

  2. rear roller on bmw test seems to be not.straight

  3. haha dont forgett unimog its Mercedes best off road cars

  4. So you turn off traction control and have no traction, in the next video lets turn the headlights off at night and see if its dark!!! What a load of BS!

  5. Jeep is the best.

  6. I am sorry but NO! you can watch videos on rollers made by group or random people,not companies selling BMW or Audi lol.
    Quattro Haldex works fine,just search for Tiguan rollers and see for yourself. what joke,trying to make Audi seem bad when the company itself invented AWD.

  7. The fuel economy is more important than a one wheel traction situation that can happend
    one time in life.

  8. this q5 doesn’t ahve the diff in the back thats why.  1500 option.  

  9. Lol @ haldex Quattro. Oh and im pretty sure they manipulated the system by turning off esc

  10. not a real world test …boo

  11. Respect

  12. It’s real. The X-drive scheme has not a central differential, but a clutch system that constantly sends torque to both axles. It’s always partially locked and this explains the reactivity of the system. The bad thing is that this affect the fuel economy…

  13. This test is rigged. Watch the roller being put on BMW rear passenger wheel. It’s placed offset to the side so that the ridge of the roller cage provides traction to that tire, i.e. the tire was not completely resting on the roller. And then the guy strategically blocks the view of that wheel, whereas for the Audi feed they not only show all wheels, but also change the camera angle to "document its demise to the fullest." Also as another user mentioned, we don’t know if they messed with other cars’ traction controls. This is obviously a BMW sponsored test, and they won’t let their car lose.

    Great acting, but not good science. Shame on these people. I wonder if BMW feels VERY threatened by Audi’s recent advances in design and style.

    Let the fully discerning minds not be swayed by internet "facts" such as this video.

  14. The Audis Quattro Drive works mechanically via a Trosendifferential. For this thing to operate as intended you need more resistance on the spinning wheels. But those Rollers weren’t giving enough resistance. For Situations like this Audi relies on the traction control system. But as robbyjai pointed it out it was turned off. So this is far from any real World conditions…

  15. A Suzuki Jimny would flip’em all.

  16. There’s nothing wrong with any of their AWD systems in my opinion. Although M-B’s non-AMG awd setup could be better. This video is biased and set up by some arrogant BMW reps

  17. the X3 is the worst car out of the bunch 

  18. The bmw won a test that was made by bmw to prove that bmw has a superior awd/4wd-system? 

  19. Hahahahahaha. I´m sorry but this shit happened outside a BMW store. BMW stop manipulate your costumers! Act like a gentleman and realize that quattro is still the best.

  20. i wonder if the q5 has limited slip in the front axle but not the rear axle, and what if the left front roller is positioned on the left rear wheel.

  21. Not the bullshit he accelerates except with BMW. Shame for advertising.If the s is the BMW smitten, not great

  22. Audi fail haha !

  23. BMW、right back tire was not set at the regular point.
    And after kill the ESC, try again !

  24. if you live where ice, snow, sleet, mud happen, which happens in much of the US, this is not a rare phenomenon. This is actually important.

  25. I always knew audi is sh*t.

  26. Volkswagen’s Audi, everyone knows, which is why you can find the same parts manufacturing in a volkswagen in an Audi. All we have tended audi and volkswagen know. The quality is becoming more commercial, not to mention the scandal volkswagen where cheated customers and environmental institutions in many countries by falsifying data polluting engine emissions, since the public image of Audi and Volkswagen are a company unable to meet the highest international quality standards.

  27. ESP ESP ESP ESP ESP who make this sit video??

  28. The driver of the Audi backed into the light pole. Crack! Yes?

  29. lmwo did anyone notice the wheel position of the cars and how the merc and BMW slowly tracked to the solid edge of the roller. hence no roller there only Steele! presto traction! ! ! a hahhahaha people are blind

  30. the trick is the rollers in the bmw case were a little bit angled, so it basses easily

  31. Lol Audi

  32. Lmao… Volkswagen group fails yet again

  33. It matters how much throttle is applied to each car… More throtte=more torque can be shifted…

  34. please tell me you guys all seen the rollers being moved for every car? isn’t it weird that the man moving them is manipulating the macanism of those roller? looks like he blocked the roller for the bmw and unlocked them for the benz and audi… plus, i bet esp was not activated on the audi. the quattro system can send up to 100% of its power to one single wheel if needed. oh and this test was made by bmw haha..

    this is a big reason why i hate bmw so much, they are always trying to shit on benz and audi in there advert. never you will see someone say his audi is bad in winter but i’ve seen alot of bmw drivers saying there xdrive bmw felt flumsy.

  35. The f25 is good on snow. But the transfer cases are rubbish. I dont know how many i have changed over the years…

  36. Tune ESP on plesss

  37. another proof that can be manipulated with people through fake advertisements, see the video but decide themselves (Audi Quattro vs BMW Xdrive Vs. Mercedes-Benz 4Matic SNOW Test)
    if you take into account these three awd drive BMW xDrive then the BMW Group in fourth place

  38. Audi c est vraiment pas terrible au prix que cela coûte !!!!!!!

  39. If I bought a german luxury SUV or car, I’d have to go to BMW, the smartest out of the german brands.

  40. Look closly on the bmw right rear wheel its not in the hole

  41. every video it seems that the audi q5 has a very hard time

  42. X Drive is the best..

  43. Wieder ein video in dem bmw die anderen fertigmacht… billig und armselig der Q5 wäre mindestens genau so gut gegangen wie der bmw

  44. Iam a mercedes fan but in this test subaru outback will eat all this three german cars!

  45. quatro is a joke on the normal cars. rs model is good but The A and Q are shit

  46. did the experiment initiate with all fuctions vehicles has ??

  47. Haha! Der Audi ist der Schönste, aber BMW der Beste … Unglaublich unterschiedliche Leistungen :-/

  48. Outside a Bmw store! Smh what dumbasses

  49. Perfect comment by the deep-voiced man at the end: "So much for Quattro"

  50. Totally biased… traction control was turned off in the audi, or it would’ve been able to transfer the torque left and right easy. Also, they barely touched the throttle on the Merc and literally floored it on the X3… come on BMW.

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