Rolls Royce Rally Car

The new Rolls Royce Phantom Rally Spec!

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  2. Must be nice to be filthy rich

  3. I love RR

  4. Hello epic channel, where have you been all my internet career?

  5. Why was lot of smoke in the end of the video when car pass away on the entrance?

  6. That is awesome

  7. 😍😂😂😂😂😍

  8. IT’S A FUCKING tank…………

  9. I found this so satisfying

  10. The average redneck will not even get his truck this dirty…..

  11. КАРАМЕЛЬКА канал для детей


  12. It’s like watching a zoo animal finally sat free into wilderness

  13. i love you

  14. in my opinion as a Rolls Royce fan i think this is beautiful and chill

  15. Me if I could afford a rolls and fuck load of farmland.

  16. At least he has the balls to use his car, the way he wants to.. much appreciated.

  17. Dick!

  18. ohh this is so poethic

  19. v

  20. put a wrap on it and u will be find

  21. i cant see that a beautiful rolls royce is geeting that much dirty

  22. is this overhauled engine?

  23. What a beautiful place. I felt bad for the ruts being made in the grass.

  24. poor car doesnt deserve that 🙂

  25. this rolls looks mean sideways,

  26. is that LWB?

  27. 😓😓

  28. АУЕ

  29. ze fuk?

  30. Get the Butler to detail the car when the owner is finished.

  31. fap fap fap fap fap fap.

  32. I like rebel rich dudes that don’t give a FUCK

  33. It’s only a BMW.

  34. This music… does not fit…

  35. English old money? Look at that beautiful estate…

  36. schweine

  37. hes off the rails

  38. This is so wrong. It isn’t even his car. Owner of this Rolls was away.on vacation. How would you all feel if someone did this to your Rolls Royce that you treasured and took great care of?

  39. In a Rolls, even screwing around feel so elegant

  40. Cool buy why?

  41. моя мечта.

  42. Why blur the plate ? got something to hide

  43. I loved it

  44. The brilliantest shot is the Phantom powering through the gateway. That’s true car control (by both driver and electronics). Tyres smoking but straight as fucking a whore.

  45. Amazing video. Only 2600 miles on the roller, damn, that’s style 🙂

  46. "just going for a graceful ride" the butler says

  47. it handels well for somthing that weighs as much as a building

  48. Ooooo the cleaning bills…

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