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  1. who ever recorded this should really invest in a better mic. The video was great but the sound is so muffled

  2. Great driving, damn!

  3. I’d bet Leh Keen is jealous lol…

  4. Parabéns, linda pilotagem! 👍

  5. Anybody know which wheels are on this car?

  6. Sick

  7. He’ll be quite good one day……

  8. 3:58 though, fit like a glove

  9. drive like Ruben or not

  10. I Love Rally Videos 😉 Look my Channel

  11. I love life

  12. @4.40 , I love the glow of the exhaust..

  13. People wonder why I love the 911. Cause it’s all that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. absolut perfekt, in jeder kurve, des ist kein Talent mehr, des ne Berufung!

  15. insane

  16. I just love seeing suspension dialed so good. No over rebounding, not bottoming out as much, only when it should. Not too stiff, just the right amount of lbs the shocks. Love it.

  17. porsche and rallye? fail

  18. What a car!..

  19. Baddest cars on planet earth!!!

  20. kann es sein dass der leicht getuned ist ? ^^

  21. Amazing driver!

  22. Nice exhaust glow at 1:46

  23. holla hi how are you i am french bye

  24. Não sei não

  25. That engine is barking like a dog.

  26. Wo ist das

  27. Chuck Norris piloting by himself….

  28. wir der den bock tritt, komplett krank 😀

    gt3 rs <3

  29. please don’t forget childreans health

  30. He left GT3 front spoiler on one of the deeps Bad Ass!

  31. Respekt Ruben vor so einer tollen Leistung. Toller Fahrer und super Wagen ergibt einfach den Meistertitel. lgr

  32. I have never seen a sports car like the porsche gt3 off road on a rally stage, can someone tell me which class that is ?? Or is it like a special event / porsche event only? Where can i watch something like this video live?

  33. You have the money..

  34. look at her go

  35. Very Nice.

  36. He drives like a sophisticated caveman…such a wonderful combination of brutality, grace, and control of his machine… I love it!! xD

  37. Et si en plus tu m’es Patrick Snijers dedans….

  38. Geniales Video

  39. spettacolare.

  40. Rallyedrivers are the best drivers in my opinion.. Just sayin Walter Röhrl

  41. But is all about Subaru and their sti. No other car rallys. That’s impossible

  42. muss man mit nem porsche rally fahren? ich glaube nicht.
    thumbs down!

  43. I love Ruben Zeltner’s driving style! Congratiulations!

  44. drive it like they stole it! Awesome driving, hard on RS but who cares, not my RS AWESOME

  45. ich finde rally ist nicht mehr das, was es früher einmal war.
    wie ich das hier sehe, denke ich mir, da hätte sich walther röhrl noch einen kaffe bei getrunken und den gt3 trotzdem geschlagen.

  46. Pretty sure that’s a GT3 Cup. RS didn’t come with a sequential.

  47. that car should not be in that situation

  48. geiler ton.gänsehaut. was ne maschine. und der kerl kann fahren. grössten respekt.

  49. krank wie das ding zieht

  50. 3:50 : That 10 km/h speed limit 😀

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