Run out of Alabama! – Offensive cars – Top Gear – Series 9 – BBC

As the boys (and the film crew) will now admit, this is the scariest challenge they ever faced in the history of the show. “Survival Challenge in Alabama”: Drive through Alabama with offensive slogans painted on their cars and try not to get killed. Things are tense on the highway, then reach boiling point at a gas station.

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  1. Now write "All lives matter","NBA Sucks","Trump for president" and drive through a ghetto.

  2. Dear top gear drive thourgh canada

  3. I am southern and i can tell you were not that mean

  4. When the series was still great again……

  5. What possessed them to do this in America-also known as where Satan romps-is beyond me. You should know that America is not as sweet as apple pie by now!

  6. Buhahahaha LMAO and they say Afghanistan is Dangerous xD

  7. What’s the music at 2:00?

  8. As tense as this was, does anyone remember Argentina? Makes this look like a damn tea party

  9. I love the British Top Gear hosts but this is what they expected would happen and it happened so don’t act surprised. They have a way of being very provocative, which can be funny, but also gets them into a lot of trouble sometimes like the incident in Argentina

  10. It’s funny how people think Alabama is like America. Alabama does not represent America at all. Almost all of the states are civilized.

  11. "land of the free"..Knuckle draggers

  12. My daughter Ain’t Datin No Colourds

  13. Like in argentina :v

  14. I thought they drove Land rovers?

  15. I was working for an oil exploration company in the early 80’s and we were taking samples along side the main roads (public dollars, government land) and a sheriff deputy pulls up, takes out his gun and says "git the hell out of scambia county". We were in Escambia County, Alabama but not for long. However, I actually think this episode was staged. I am not a fan of Alabama but I am from the south and really don’t see this happening spontaneously. Southern folks can’t read as fast as the old lady reacted so would have been days before the writing sunk in. Dramatic effect, I will bet.

  16. A true friend tries as hard as they can to get you killed for a joke xD

  17. This just sums up America

  18. This is America.

  19. At least they didn’t get the KKK

  20. wow

  21. dus albama know that thay are in the uk

  22. Just write "Mountain dew sucks." You’ll DEF get killed for that

  23. What is the most backwards state in America? Genuine question

  24. I live in Alabama

  25. I feel like if they did that sort of thing anywhere they could expect a violent response. Imagine if they went through California with "Trump for President" or a big confederate flag painted on the side. How about if they drove through Britain with a slogan insulting the Queen or England’s soccer team?


    FIRST AMENDMENT: only when it suits us

  27. south america is the shitiest place on earth… i don’t know why so many people down there (not all) are so stupid

  28. people from Alabama were born in sandwiches

  29. I guess I’m the only one asking what cars they were driving?

  30. Those precious Southern snowflakes.

  31. Eh, seems pretty fake.

  32. I know where I am moving

  33. Die hartzer von USA

  34. Tape an speaker on the car with Alabama Niger song that was made by an kkk member

  35. what was tho Soviet song?

  36. Only in the south.

  37. que capitulo y temporada es este ¿?

  38. If you notice…there is no back people

  39. Patagonia looked real… This, not so much.
    Except for the fact that the inbreds shot their own sign

  40. Dodgey

  41. I would have done a burnout out of the station.

  42. Hey Ya’LL Ive lived most all my life in Alabama! You Guys were real lucky you weren’t there on a Saturday! Shit happens to out of state licensed cars especially  north of the Mason Dixon Line. Alabama Football, Deeply conservative Politics, Love our Big Dogs and don’t mess with our women! Ive known girls that married guys from North of the Mason Dixon line that were never invited to Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter or The Biggest Holiday 4th Of July! Many of them are fighting the Civil war! Ive lived all over the USA, But Alabama is Home! Aw hell with ya’ll accents they would just want to know "Where ya’ll From? Ya’ll talk funny!"

  43. Damn it they survived!!! hehehe

  44. "I do believe that now, in certain parts of America people have started mating with vegetables" xD cracked me up

  45. they should have blasted YMCA when they were leaving

  46. American Chechnya 🙂

  47. Rude western humor made out of troll video 🙂 Top Fiction

  48. Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas. These are the dogshit states of america

  49. "This is gonna be the quickest jump in history"

  50. ride with pide gas station XD

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