RWB Atlanta – Mini Documentary – CLERMONT – Porsche 911

Akira Nakai of Rauh-Welt Bergiff builds the first RWB Porsche on East coast in Atlanta, Georgia for Tate Askew at MotorCarStudio.

This is not your average RWB car video showing Akira Nakai just building another beautiful piece of Porsche art work. Clermont is more about the RWB family and what it means to be in the owners club of Nakai’s brain child. RWB Porsches’ are more like owning a bespoke suit, where it is measured and fitted only for you. To be a RWB owner is to be given a gift from one friend to another. You don’t sell it, you Drive it!!

A lot went into building this car and we can’t thank everyone enough!

-We’d like to thank everyone at the RWB family for your support and generosity in making this dream a reality.

-Special thanks to MotorCarStudio for helping and facilitating the clermont build and we look forward to many many more.


-Special thanks to all of our vendors that made this car a reality.

Certified Collision Repair – http://www.thecertifiedrepair.com/
Auto Europe ATL- N/A
Rotiform – http://www.rotiform.com/
K&W suspension – http://www.kwsuspensions.com/
ToyoTires – https://www.toyotires.com/
FabSpeed – http://www.fabspeed.com/
CAE Shifters – http://www.shop.cae-racing.de/
RWB USA – http://rauhwelt-usa.com/

– Special thanks to EscherMedia at BrettMayPhotography. http://www.eschermedia.com

Brett May – DP/Camera/Producer/Audio/Post/Edit/AfterEffects
Jonathan McWhorter – Camera/AssitantEditor/CreditPhotos : http://www.jonathanmcwhorter.com/
AndySapp – CreditPhotos : http://andysapp.com/
MichaelWynnProductions – AudioPostMastering : http://michaelwynneproductions.com/

-Special thanks to Rhett Whatley of Daily Bread for providing the music for Clermont ATL. All music can be found on iTunes or at:


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  1. RWB is real Craftsmanship, pure ART and Styling

  2. what type of paint does he use to do the stencil on the tires?

  3. I would love to be millionaire 😪

  4. Super cool Jap

  5. Impressive taste in cars and restaurants. No doubt he lives in southern Japan.

  6. What a remarkable talent.


  8. Absolute heaven! I couldn’t stop smiling. The gold wheels are the coolist I’ve ever seen on any Porsche ever.

  9. @ 14:47 the subtitles say "becsause"

  10. Nice documentary

  11. gorillaz!!!!

  12. I think this is one of those RWB that Doesnt have Agressive Front Spliter and side skirts. :/

  13. Car is badass, love those Lambo style rims.

  14. that green porsche looks like the one in need for speed

  15. Nakai-San’s a great inspirational

  16. @8:15 sand the paint..let them paint it 1/2 shine black correctly not with a spray can…this won’t last

  17. where i can buy those headlight?

  18. Have RWB take a shot at the 944 Turbo. Bet it would look sweet!

  19. man this is some bs all this drilling and fitting on painted car is half ass. all of the fitting should have been done prior to paintwork

  20. Why is that guy holding the jack daniels bottle all the time?

  21. why does he use abarth wheel

  22. ruining beautiful, original porsches. what a shame!

  23. was a drone used for the aerial shots?

  24. Ugly green…

  25. Lancia Integrale in the background

  26. – Comes to Atlanta to build car
    – Goes out to Clermont lounge a couple nights
    – "I know what we shall call the car!"

    "Blondie" (dancer from the Clermont lounge) would have been another good name too. 🙂

  27. 10.20 it is a lancia delta integrale beind the fiat man?

  28. beautiful choice of colour, wonderful rims! fascinating car!

  29. Cutting a Porsche up ! cannibals !


  31. shit I want one so bad..

  32. Brett and Jonathan amazing work. Nakai, phenomenal as ever

  33. damn that porsche looks sick that shit nice

  34. People pay a lot of money to have this guy wreck your car. Amazing. This man needs to be stopped!

  35. Does anyone know how much one of these cars costs?

  36. This is why it is so expensive because its hand made

  37. To bad the screws are showing. The car would be beautiful but those screws ruins it, and makes it ugly.

  38. Just watched a Vid on Emory Motorsports and what they do with 356’s – mind blown… Then watched this for some after shock!! Amazing stuff going on! Love it!

  39. SONG NAME PLEASE:3 I have read the comments and checked iTunes and soundcloud and nothing ….
    Any replies would be much loved :3

  40. Nakai San is a genius…Beautiful work!!

  41. Anyone can tell me the name of the last song cuz i cant found it

  42. chick out Porsche RWB 1 of a kind o_o

  43. people didn’t like it because they are not Porsche fans? Not sure.. very awesome build! Only in a dream could this be possible..

  44. Does he lengthen the axles to widen the track?

  45. Is the last song released yet?

  46. As a P car owner, I just don’t get it, with such collectible cars, it’s just a body kit. To
    Each his own

  47. 15.15 abarth logo on steering wheel??

  48. 4:40 two Lancia Delta HFintegrales in the workshop!

  49. wish i could find the specs on those wheels. i know they are rotiform hur but what size, width and offset.

  50. Why is green such a good color on a Porsche and some Lamborghini’s?

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