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  1. Я на Юпитере5 покруче гоняю

  2. On a cheapish 250, or 250-400 supermotard, i’d definitely do this! 
    But risk dropping a $20.000+ Beemer? 
    Rather not. Looks like stupid fun tho

  3. He don’t even lean for any turns you can ride any motorcycle on ice as long as you dont lean side to side because then you will slide. I wanna see him fucking lean side ways and shit with those riveted tires.

  4. nice choice of music! KMFDM!

  5. wow, this looks like a lot of fun!
    but I bet you cant feel real save on that bike 😀
    Its to unreal to drive on ice
    If you like, please also visit our chanel 😉
    Greats from germany

  6. GSXR MAN-"Likes!"

  7. Bad as fuck

  8. I looked this up for shits. My friend Nate brought his R1 to a radar run back in 01 ish. Tried gold digger studs, didn’t work. Then used snowmobile ice track picks with woody’s backers.  front and rear and did a 140 radar gunned on the Sheboygan Co Marsh back then, and that isn’t a straight shot either. Nice to see somebody else find a way to do it also.

  9. the hell is this techno Angel of Death

  10. but can it turn? >o

  11. This video makes me sad that they had something so cool and did nothing with it, 
    at least try carving a few corners.  It would have been a lot easier to burn that tire off on the asphalt..  

  12. Spends tons of time and money building ice tires. Then rides in a straight line and then destroys them doing a burnout. Dumbass.

  13. serges nuque in moto journal’s video! 🙂


  15. Great video keep it up

  16. สุดตีน

  17. great way too make snow cones
    boxer’s do it better

  18. Fake and Gay, I’d ride that on ice in a straight line without studs. The R1 on ice is a video from Motojournal – thats what studded tires are for. Go to Maclean creek if you want a bike on ice show.

  19. pretty cool vid

  20. All the studs and not one turn, fucking lame.

  21. Stupid

  22. Stupid

  23. My R1 would beat this on ice too. The s1000rr is old news.

  24. mijn papa ad er ook een

  25. what a horrible waste of great tires

  26. omg what a bullshit ! i bet some idiots are like "omg this is so cool i can ride my R even through the winter now "

  27. Vergewaltigung

  28. Wheelie or go home.

  29. Hell !
    how much ?

  30. 100 people tried this and crashed

  31. ;P

  32. wheelie 😉

  33. Forget a chain saw, I’ll carve ice drawings with one of these!

  34. Try searching for R1 on Ice. Some crazy French guys (French Canadians?)!

  35. Some people were just born with gigantic balls.

  36. No turning? I can do an "ice burnout" on regular tires, lol

  37. Burnouts with spiked tyres on a frozen lake. Not the cleverest thing to do.

  38. I hope he put it in slick mode lol

  39. BMW POWER ….:))

  40. i  wana see u corner with that sh*t

  41. How did inflate the tire after putting the spikes on. Is there a tube inside?

  42. gay

  43. Should have made a better pattern of the spikes. In my opinion he would have more grip.

  44. knee on ice?
    check it out man

  45. Try searching "R1 on Ice"…. Dude puts his knee down while cornering on ice!

  46. do a burnout and respect from me!

  47. Ice is bumpy.. You have the grip for it.. Just gotta have the balls for it 😀

  48. where can i find this studds kit?

  49. Who wants snow cones!!

  50. been there, done that. nice and easy to drag knee on ice. (me and my friend yamaha yzf 450)

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