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  1. SO Hot !

  2. does the exhaust sounds like "the brown tone", or was it just me?

  3. female driver ?

  4. She’s got some damn good skills behind the wheel……..

  5. she always makes the men look like boys… look forward to sabine on top gear

  6. I bet she’s put some ‘traffic light’ grand prix drivers to shame in her time!.
    Wow… talk about a baby faced assassin.

  7. did she use any breaks at all

  8. what the fuck did i just watch?

  9. Wow! She´s fast! (Y)

  10. man, that guy is fast!

  11. What a masterclass.

  12. 2 things bother me: 1) the wiper that stops at 2/3 of the way. (yes I know it doesn’t have to go all the way, it’s just ocd)
    2) the gran turismo sticker on the window false advertising an unrealistic arcade game as being the ultimate simulator.

  13. So she basically just overtook everyone!

  14. Can empathise with her there…it’s a real pain when you’re running late for work.What a driver though……incredible.

  15. how many balls does Sabine have, exactly?

  16. Sabine super !!!

  17. Let me guess, she’s the only one on tyres suitable for the conditions.

  18. Lecko mio 🙂 , hast du da Intermediate Reifen drauf gehabt und die anderen Slicks? oder hast du einfach nur "Eier" ??? -))))))

    Super anzuschauen keine Frage. Vielen dank für bereit stellen des Video`s

  19. HARTE Kampflinie, und das bei dem Wetter – größter Respekt, heftiger Skill. Die dicksten Eier hatte an dem Tag definitiv eine Frau.

  20. Next up, she tries to break the record held by the British army for the fastest lap around the ring…
    in a tank.

  21. YES!

  22. She stores her big balls in a very nice pouch.

  23. She is definitely on wets and the rest of the field on intermediate or slicks. Different tyre strategies. No way the rest of the field are so far off the pace.

  24. My god. In the rain!!!

  25. Сабина – человек дождя!

  26. at 2:45 how do you say RAT BASTARD IN GERMAN😄😄 and yes I would lick her driving shoes!

  27. What kind of kitchen is that??

  28. I was driving in this race, most cars were on wet tires that day, Sabine kept it going on slicks, therefore her speed advantage.

    True queen of the Ring / 50000 laps

  29. Amazing

  30. Why did her straight line speed seem to be so much superior to many other cars?

  31. Can someone recruit her for F1 please!

  32. I wish my girlfriend could drive me home like that

  33. Okay Sabine, time to kick up the difficulty level a nodge, or six.

  34. i love her as a driver 😍

  35. easy ^^

  36. This reminds me of what Ayrton Senna did back in 1993 at Donington in F1

  37. she is fearless

  38. Looks like everyone had parking brake on. She passed the entire field with ease on the staights.

  39. this may sound like a corny question but why do some of these drivers go with just one of the windshield wipers instead of the normal two, and boy having it stop in that position where it did when it was turned off, that could get a little distracting If possible I would have it do what all other windshield wipers normally do when they are turned off, go down to the bottom of the windshield. Why did that one stop there on that position of the windshield when it was turnrd off??????

  40. Nothing has made me feel older than seeing "Gran Turismo: The Real Driving Simulator" on the windshield of this car. Not music, not growing children, not movies. But I remember the Playstation demo disc with GT on it.

  41. seems like she the only one racing everyone else is being nice lol

  42. 13 guys with a small penis

  43. Enjoyed the ride on this difficult track with difficult conditions. Great driving btw!

  44. Wow ! Had a bit of practice ? And in the rain. Think of all those who got chicked then sold their cars because they realised the only way to keep up is to quit their jobs or ‘responsibilities’ and drive full time… but they can’t quit because they need the money to drive a hot car… This is why ski-bumming is so great.

  45. Judging by her straight line speed I can tell she is on slicks, while the rest is on wet tires.
    And she is in a different class comparing to most cars she passed, but still, this has to be top 5 drive I have seen on YouTube.

  46. She’s one of the reason I’ll watch the new top gear. At least a couple of episodes of it..

  47. This looks like someone playing Gran Turismo in a LMP1 car in a grid of GTR’s.

  48. WOW! Senna style!

  49. 0:44 Green Porche just casually chilling in the middle of the track 😀

  50. Admittedly she has serious skills but her total disregard for track etiquette and the way she forces other cars off of their line in corners is obnoxiously aggressive and dangerous. I’m surprised she has not had the taste smacked out of her mouth by other drivers. Having raced motorcycles and autos for many years, it makes me wonder if they have track marshals or any sort of penalty system in the series she’s racing in. Please do not take this comment too harshly or as a lack of appreciation for her talent. I have participated is both open and organized track days at the Ring and have met Sabine several times and anyone who meets her would agree that she is a wonderful person for whom I have the utmost respect.

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