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  1. degerous

  2. Faster than my dentist! Great car and driver!

  3. i think there is a dentist working in the back seat of this car..

  4. Crazy

  5. e36 eating race cars 🙂 i love it

  6. ah thats why lol just like my old moped straight screaming gears love the sound tho this is a bit loud haha

  7. lol that cow

  8. is that whine the transmission?

  9. Love your videos 😀 make sure your check out my playlist and subscribe! Thanks 🙂

  10. That was impressive…

  11. Just drop into your friendly BMW dealer and tell them you would like to have one. It might be a bit pricey LOL

  12. nice sound, It is my alarm

  13. Holy cut fucking gears!!!

  14. my dog is like WTF

  15. brilliant reactions

  16. Try this ==> i just generate 99k Credits using this online tool. Works on all devices. 100% working SCary BMW E36 race car.O my god! damn fast

  17. fake

  18. E36 my arse!!!

  19. It’s a sequential gearbox with straight cut gears

  20. what powers this thing?

  21. it gets much better i seen original version!

  22. One car left to pass and you stop the video?  That was the best racing video I’ve ever seen.  And the worst.

  23. Fucker can drive

  24. It might be fast but it honestly looks like the competitors are practicing.

  25. Hey Uploader. Do you know who this driver is and what the specs are of this car ??

  26. my ears got scared………

  27. Yeah ~ awesome racing.

  28. BMW……………..

  29. best e36 video i have ever seen of heard

  30. How many RPM? It’s scream like 100000

  31. whats the hurry? why would he risk hitting other cars like that? better check gear oil dammit!

  32. Its a 318i with a sequential gearbox with straight cut gears.
    The high pitched sound is from the straight cut gears.

  33. this is how you race ,,,,, respect

  34. Am i the only one noticing a BMW driver with the name VANOS? 😀

  35. Super Tight, Super fast ! I love this car. Great driver.

  36. heaven👌 music to my ears! I have to cranked this when I watch it, love it

  37. 3:08 HFS!!!

  38. I like straight cut gear sound, but that straight cut differential sounds awful, so high pitched!  Like a screaming cat! 😛

  39. The car is fast, but the driver is faster!

  40. could any buddy give me link full race please!

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  42. Geez she screams

  43. whats the gearbox used in this monster??

  44. What track is this peeps??

  45. blijft vet

  46. Maaaaaad Gearbox

  47. omg i feel like project cars

  48. the turbo very loud like whistle

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