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  1. What a lot of fuss over so little.  Can afford a Porsche then you can afford repairs without making a big deal about it.

  2. Your panoramic view of Monaco is incredible, and I love the walk along the Marina. I think a sports car can suggest the same joy and freedom as a boat at sea.
    Fun to see the the scenery with the musical interlude. Sorry to hear about the scratches. I have a sports suspension on my Porsche so I try to let go of scraping sounds.
    Best scene: Interrogating Henry. (Are you happy?)

  3. Glad he likes the panamera not like 90% off the fake car enthusiasts

  4. Do you do any color grading in this video? Or is this straight from the Leica camera?

  5. Great work

  6. love it

  7. Seb mentioned that the pavement is made new every year! That was new and mental to me.
    Will you get one of the UK boys or Seb Delanney on your cam?
    What do you think of his Lotus? I like it very much.
    Does you camera has facial recognition? It is not always focused if you have not recognized it yet.

    Could you please give some advice about waring sun glasses if you also have normal glasses and if you dont want/cannot to wear contact lenses? I mean when to take them off (in a restaurant etc.) Because I think its a pain always carrying 2 glasses with me.

    Now to the scratch: JWW mentioned in one of his last videos a quote that you should treat scratches (on ur watch) not as problems but as memories of places you have been. I liked that. And the place where your scratches are should be on plastic. So it will not rust ;). Maybe you will not repair it? ;).

  8. Nice video of Monaco – actually represents what’s there. Ah, those scratches aren’t too bad – fairly easy fix ….

  9. Sorry you have damaged the Porsche but on the flip side- you’re in Monaco! Guess you will be attending the ‘Top marques show while you are there?
    Friendly tip, although I have no real experience in video making, I notice the sound level can be different so I have to turn up sound to hear you speaking, then I get deafened by the added music. However thanks for posting, very nice content.

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