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  1. just did my first track day there:)

  2. use all the road …

  3. Forza Knowledge

  4. Another awesome video of Jim"Nice and smooth"Pace!
    Keep up the great work for your and our pleasure


  5. Always dig Jim Pace footage…this man CAN drive and does so with some great hardware. Even better with narration!

  6. Awesome

  7. Thanks Alot!

  8. Jim Pace our favorite racer!!!!, our best for him from Perú, South America. Saw him race at Daytona, he is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. that was really fun to watch . thanks from germany !

  10. That was smooooth fast, Jim 👍🏻🏁

  11. Epic.

  12. Jim Pace is my new Hero! Such a smooth an competent display of driving pleasure. One day I will on track driving like this. One day

  13. I used this video to shave time of my sim racing

  14. Outstanding commentary from the cockpit – awesome.

  15. Nice and smooth…and poweeeeeer

  16. What a phenomenal video for so many reasons.

  17. nice!

  18. thanks this is my teams training video, our teams first endurance race is at Sebring this year chumpcar Dec 31

  19. Awesome detail lessons for each turn at Sebring.

  20. Good Video, He’s like the Bob Ross of Racing.

  21. Thanks Jim! What a great instructor and driver you are, just happens to be my dream car bud.

  22. Those bumps on the concrete surface makes this a difficult track even with a well damped suspension

  23. Jim didn’t mention anything about some of the big curbs at Sebring like the one at the apex of 3.  Damn thing punts me every time I get greedy.

  24. that was beatiful….

  25. Do u left foot brake on soft braking parts?.

  26. Jim was my instructor at Skip Barber, great driver and coach!!!

  27. Jim Pace’s videos are great!

  28. this video format is priceless!!! thank you so much!!!

  29. Nice and smooth! Thx forbthis great car and track video

  30. Thank you for the coaching on the line.

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